Dean Kaelin Live Video chat was a huge success!

David Archuleta’s vocal coach, Dean Kaelin, shared his knowledge during a live chat on 07/23/08 at

Click here to watch this chat

Dean answered over 25 questions and gave a lot of great tips on how to improve your voice.

He said this about David:
David has 3 octaves but uses only 2.
David has recorded 13 songs for his new C.D. but no one knows which songs will be included yet.
David has a lot of input on this first debut album, which is rare in the music industry.

All the music on the CD will be original except maybe one?
Head over to and watch the entire Chat.

Also breaking news is this photo which was leaked on a MySpace page. This photo has created quite a buzz in the fanworld of David Archuleta as fans are trying to determine if it could be a photo for his new album Crush.  Rumor has it, the record label released this photo to create a buzz and it sure did. It was originally posted on MySpace (and no where else) and within a few hours the photo was everwhere. That is the power of MySpace!

David Archuleta

David Archuleta

There are many different types of fans in the world, and David’s fans have proven to be stealthworthy in finding news that has yet been released to the public.


~ by archuletamusic on July 25, 2008.

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