The view from the front row!

Have you ever sat in the front row?

This video was filmed from the front row by a 12-year-old on crutches! The photography is perfect, the only downfall is the moving of the camera, but it is worth it.

Watch in HD here: CLICK HERE

Do you know the best way to get great seats without paying ‘over the top’ prices?
I worked in the music business for awhile and these old tricks still work. I had perfect seats for the concert and bought my tickets 2 days before the show.

The Venue always holds onto seats and they are released once the stage is set up. They don’t know where the stage layout will be exactly until the crew arrives. Anywhere between 24-72 hours before the show is the best time to buy your seats, directly from the venue and often times the day of the show when promoters release the seats they didn’t use.

This year two days before the show, my venue had ‘Row 6 on the floor seat 14 and 15.

I have marked in this photo where those seats would be:

One of the problems we come across is we don’t know the actual seat numbers or how far back a row is. We can check the seating chart that is provided by the arena and guess where the seat will be, but don’t do that. Call your venue ahead of time and get an idea of where you want to sit, ask them how the seats are numbered. You will be so glad you did!

Also, not knowing how far out the stage actually goes into the arena can present another problem. You can use the photo above to count the rows to get an idea of where your seat would be. Remember not all arenas are the same size and this will affect the seating a little.

The photograph above is from the Rose Quarter in Portland, Oregon.

Remember floor seats are not always the best, as people often stand and your view is obstructed. Your view can also be looking up, not eye level with the stage. The front side sections are often excellent seats!

A lot of people would rather secure their seat early and not ‘gamble’ with getting seats at the last minute. In over 20 years I have never missed a concert by using this method and normally I sit on the floor in the 2nd row or on the side in the first or 2nd row.

Please note this method works for people who are buying no more than 2 tickets at once. And often times you can find the very best seats buy purchasing just one ticket. Visit the Ticketmaster website for your venue within 72 hours of your show and start searching for your tickets. Try early in the morning and then mid-afternoon. Once you find the perfect seat for you, sit back and enjoy the luxury of having great seats!


~ by archuletamusic on July 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “The view from the front row!”

  1. That was a cool tip. Thanks=)

  2. can I buy a ticket from Viet Nam?
    and how to pay and collect it?

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