What can we expect from David Archuleta’s New Album?


Hot off the press!! A major music industry website has confirmed David’s song ‘CRUSH’ will be released on 09/02/08
David is Listed under ‘Mainstream!’

9/2 Mainstream
David Archuleta “Crush” (Jive/Zomba)

What is ASCAP?

ASCAP protects the rights of its members by licensing and distributing royalties for the non-dramatic public performances of their copyrighted works. ASCAP is a song writers dream but is not the best way to determine what songs will be or not be on an album. As shown with Jordin Sparks Debut C.D.

Songs list from Jordin Debut Album

Songs list from Jordin Debut Album

Songs listed on ASCAP for Jordin Sparks

Songs listed on ASCAP for Jordin Sparks

The question remains which songs will be on David’s Album?
Rest assured the answer really is not important. It will be like a Christmas gift you have been waiting all year for. The anticipation will make the songs that much sweeter, and the utter joy of hearing the songs for the first time will be better than Christmas morning!

What we do know:
The 3 songs currently listed 1.) Crush 2.) My Hands 3.) Ruined me, were written by some of the cream of the crop in the music industry; Jess Cates, Emanuel Kiriakou, James Fauntleroy, Lindy Robbins and Joshua Chasez. The combined writers have written songs that you and I listen to everyday!

You can read more about them at their wikipedia pages:
Click on the name of the writer you would like to learn about

LINDY ROBBINS listed in the Backstreet boys credits

As the time draws near for David’s first song to be released on 081108 to all major radio stations, you can help promote David and his new song by sending in a song request now to your favorite station. Why not ask them to start talking about it Live ‘on the air’ at least 7 days before 08/11/08 to get the viewers to listen in on that day. Why not ask your radion station to Debut the song at a certain time of day so you don’t miss it? And be sure to check out David’s Official MySpace page where we are hoping they will at least have a snippet of the song loaded!

David Archuleta reported to USA TODAY on 07/24/08

On rare breaks from the Idols Live tour, Archuleta wings it back to Los Angeles to work on an album, expected out by year’s end. He’s one of three Season 7 Idols who have signed deals with American Idol producers 19 Entertainment. “It will be poppy, more appropriate for my age than maybe some of the songs I had to do on Idol,” says Archuleta, who is recording for 19 on Jive. He says his father is meeting with potential managers.

Enjoy this short video showing David running down past his fans, giving out ‘high fives’


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2 Responses to “What can we expect from David Archuleta’s New Album?”

  1. Ahh Im sooo glad to hear its comming out in september!! maybe he’ll sing it for the show in RI on the 7th! if he does ill record it and let you hear it!

  2. This is great news! šŸ˜€

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