Arch Angels or Archies?

We’ve had a lot of fans write and ask, “Are David Archuleta’s fans called “The Arch Angels” or “The Archies?” Well, the answer is ‘both,’ and this is how it came to be. After David’s name was listed as a possible Top 50 AI contestant on IDF’s spoiler board back in December “07 (by JoesPlace) an internet user with the handle “Poweke” started IDF’s first David Archuleta fan thread. The word about David’s AI audition got out, and before long, David’s small yet enthusiastic fanbase from his Star Search days began gathering with this new group of fans to discuss anything and everything Archuleta.

As the day for David’s televised San Diego audition drew nearer, the board lit up with discussion about what to name the fanbase. After all, Clay Aiken had the “Claymates;” Taylor Hicks had “The Soul Patrol,” etc. But what would David’s fans call themselves? Many names were suggested until finally internet user “Principessa” tossed out the name “Arch Angels” for consideration. The name caught on and “Poweke” changed the name of the thread to “Arch Angels, The Official David Archuleta Fan Thread.” Time went by and there were new spoilers being posted every day by alleged “insiders.” JoesPlace (the site owner) warned users not to post spoilers using the contestant’s name, so someone came up with the idea of using a “codename” instead of “David.” Once again the fans offered their opinions and someone (I don’t remember who) suggested “Archie.” At first the older fans didn’t like it since it reminded them of the red-haired, teen-aged comic book character of the same name. Since many of the fans on IDF also posted on American Idol boards, the name made a successful transfer and an “Official Archie” thread was started there.

Since then, there has been some confusion over the name of David’s “official” fanbase. While it may have seemed like the “Arch Angels” and the “Archies” were two different groups, they were not. Today, both names are equally accepted by fans. So whether you consider yourself an “Arch Angel” an “Archie” or even a “Golden Archie,” know that you are part of a widespread mission that aspires to share David’s positive musical message with the world.

Posted by Todd.

~ by archuletafanscene on July 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Arch Angels or Archies?”

  1. Thanks Todd, and Fanshare, for the “plug” for us “Golden Archies!”

    We more “mature” fans make up a large part of David’s fan base! And we definitely know what O.D.D. is! I am so happy with Archie’s success and I know he will have a wonderful and long career!

    (A Golden Archie)

  2. Thanks Todd! Great article! David’s fanbase is so ‘splintered’ compared to the other Idols… In addition to us “more mature” Golden Archies there is yet another great legion of young male followers who call themselves the “Arch Army”!

    Hey! You can call me anything you want as long as you don’t talke the Archuleta off my iPod!

  3. […] learn more about why David’s fans are called both the Arch Angels and Archies click here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)David Archuleta to make appearance on VH1 Top 20 […]

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