Keep Voting Teen Choice Awards!

How exciting that David Archuleta is nominated for a Teen Choice Award. Can’t you just see him standing next to that big surf board? Never doubt that YOUR VOTES COUNT.

The following information was sent to our Fanshare Page by Vicky and the information is from the Archuletafans forum. Of course we can not confirm the information but we can Keep Voting!!

***Hello TCA staff! I would just like to ask for a few very important questions (And I’m hoping for a reply):

1. When will the voting period end?
2. Is it true that David Archuleta has confirmed to attend the awards?
3. In your last email, you said there that you cannot give specifics, however, you can say that David is in the top 3.. Can you give us update now? Did he move upward in the top 3?


1- The voting ends the night of 2nd… (just before midnight the 3rd)
2- David will be at and on the show
3- Still no specifics- I will say this: you did a HUGE job voting this weekend so far and if you keep it up you will get your wish for him- he is much higher than the position you ended your question with.

Can you help get the word out that we need to vote like maniacs and not give up now?

Thanks so much!
Remember every vote counts. If he wins that would be awesome. If by chance he doesn’t, at least it will show everyone that the fans stood together and were with him to the last minute!


***Edit from fanblast comment***
GOOD NEWS ANGELS!!! I got a new e-mail from TCA staff, here it goes…

You David A fans are TERRIFIC! He will be on the show- and I believe it is as
a presenter but I am not sure what all he will be doing.

The last day to vote is the 2nd and the show IS taped- it tapes on the 3rd and
airs the next night.

The winner will not be announced before it airs.

And… your hard work is paying off! I think you guys just may do it! Keep
up the good work you are doing! I have told everyone here that I have faith in
you. You guys got him on the ballot by your devotion and efforts- and you have
really been voting like crazy, especially over the weekend. I know if anyone
can do it- it’s YOU! You are up against big Stars and you are doing an AMAZING
job! You can do it!

***Updated 080108***
From Teen Choice to a fan:
I so wish I could say something specific- how about this for a hint:
He is where you want him to be right now.

Keep voting!!! 2 More Days 🙂


~ by archuletamusic on July 28, 2008.

One Response to “Keep Voting Teen Choice Awards!”

  1. Remember you hold the power to make each and every vote count. Don’t give up til the last minute, because your vote may be the one that makes a difference. The fans got him to the top two on A.I., history can repeat itself, you “the fans” can make it happen. Vote today and every day. Let your voices be heard.

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