Miracle on Archuleta Street

Artwork by R4D

Artwork by R4D

One of the features on our MySpace page is “Miracles on Archuleta street”

Today this Miracle came in from Mary. David is more than just an great artist, the LORD is clearly working through him to bring hope to the desperate and joy to this generation!

Enjoy this wonderful story.

I wanted to get my story in the Hero book but could not get it all down in time and even now I hope I can explain just what Hearing/seeing you has done for my life.
When I first heard you Sing (Heaven) time stood still and I knew that this boy was the next super star on the order of Elvis. From that moment on nothing would keep me from watching American Idol just to hear you sing and see your handsome face. As time went on it became more than just an awesome singing voice and I developed that ODD that they talk about on the forums. My whole day revolves around listening to you and searching for any news I can find about you. It started when you sang “You’re The Voice” and escalated each week from then on. I bought all your tunes on iTunes, made several CD’s. One for my car and one for the house. Currently with the tour I watch the videos from every concert and I love to hear the uproar you cause at each venue. You are so loved by all who connect with you including me.
What I didn’t expect when I first heard you sing is what an impact you were going to have on my life. I’m in my 60’s and have reached a point in my life where I felt like it was all over and I was just waiting for the end. I’m not ill but my husband is. He has dementia w/Parkinsons. He can just barely walk and is in a wheel chair, can’t remember from one minute to the next and has actually grown down, if you know what I mean. He’s like a 5’9″ 3 or 4 year old child. This illness developed over the course of 5 years until it got to the point where I had to quit my job because I can no longer leave him alone. I feel like a prisoner in my own home and lost all hope of ever having a life again. I am his sole caregiver 24/7. The stress was getting to me and I was just barely hanging in there. I even began doubting my believing.
The songs; Angels, When you believe, even Smokey Mountain memories just reached down, touched my soul and began a healing process and brought tears. I began looking to God again and really started believing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. On YouTube I listened to all of your videos from when you were younger before AI and then on FanBlast watched the video of you singing “Be still My Soul”. Wow. That is awesome. You weren’t performing…. you were ministering and that song ministered to me big time. I listen to it several times a day plus Mary Did You Know and Oh Holy Night. They are just beautiful and healing. What a ministry you have. And in that sense I feel that you are going to surpass Elvis. Elvis had a spirituality to him also but didn’t know what to do with it and as we know he got corrupted. David, I feel that you know what to do with it.
Here’s the best part. I take my husband in the car when ever I go anyplace and, of course, play the CD I made constantly. Your singing is the only thing that gets through the fog of dementia and he even sings along. One day he asked me “who is that boy singing”. He was interested in something again.
My situation hasn’t changed but my attitude has and the stess, while still there, doesn’t get to me so much any more. My believing is getting stronger again and I was able to get an aide from Medicaid to come in for 4 hours a day so I can get some relief.
I’m so looking forward to seeing where your career takes you and do what I can like vote wherever I know there’s a need. I can hardly wait for your single and album. I pray for you a lot too. God Bless you.


**You can read more Miracles on Archuleta Street at
David Archuleta FanShare and www.davidisourhero.com

The above artwork was created by master artist RD4. You can see more of RD4’s artwork at Imageshack.


~ by archuletamusic on July 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Miracle on Archuleta Street”

  1. I read this story and it brought me chills. I also love listening to David and love to read stories and articles on/about him and I get chills every time I listen to his music. This really goes to show you that music can minister to anyone even if it’s by a 17 year old boy.

  2. This is for Mary. I read your story and pray for your strength. I’m older than you and have been a David fan since he was 12 and won the Star Search contest. The song he sang was “You’re All I Need to Get By”. That may be just what you need. Hope you can find it.


  3. Tears came flowing…I am glad you found strength in David’s music . How absolutely amazing he is only 17, and has changed sooooo many lives! He is all that is good……. and I am better in so many ways because of this!

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