Crush: A Hit with the fans!!

David closed the stock market today!! Thanks to mjsbigblog for posting the video!!
You can watch it at Here

David’s reaction to ‘Crush’

David at the z100 Studio

David at the z100 Studio

VOTE IN THIS POLL “Do you like David’s new song?” at Us Magazine

David Archuleta’s debut song “CRUSH” hits the airways on Z100 !!
Hear David’s song and read the lyrics!!!

Listen to David’s Great Interview with Z100

Crush reviewed in People Magazine

David’s Song Crush is spreading like wildfire through out the ‘mainstream media’ please take a moment and check these out from the front page of
Entertainment Tonight

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Fan Reviews:

This song is AMAZING! It sounds great and the lyrics are really cool. And I’m a guy so I totally relate to the whole concept of the song, the girls and crushes and friendship or more? So I thought the fact that I can relate was really cool. Great song David, it was Awesome! I can’t wait to buy the album.


David debuted his first single “Crush” and I instantly loved it! I’ve listened to it plenty of times by now, and I actually am starting to sing along! It has the right beat, very catchy and the perfect radio-pop song. It also has meaningful lyrics, not some bubblegum-pop cliche type crush. It has meaning, and soul, and you can FEEL it. Very well for his first single! I expect a huge hit, and many more to come.



I was really surprised when I listened to David’s first single, Crush – surprised in an extremely good, pleased way. He still kept his smooth style (keeping it a little slower and more soulful) – but it was a completely new experience! David managed to make a radio-friendly song with his style still intact. Right now, that is very hard to do – most artists are quick to conform to whatever they think will sell on the radio, usually all techno or just songs with cheap lyrics that are easy to remember and sing along to. David brought the whole package: his voice complimented the song and the lyrics perfectly, the beat was catchy (but not in an uppity-pop, annoying way), the lyrics were soulful and real, and it was produced very well.



When the song started I knew it was going to be a hit!
It exceeded expectations for me! I am almost speechless!
His voice sounds perfect for this song and I was just mesmorized listening to it! It was exactly the sound I was looking for and I’m so happy he released it already! It’s going to be a hit, no doubt about it! Great job David! We can’t wait for more!



“Crush: a song poeple, young and old, can relate to. A song that brings people to tears and makes you want to keep moving on in life. A pop hit is what we needed from archie and it is what we got. All of archies hard work shines through this song. This song is sure to succeed and hit #1 in the charts. When I first heard this song, I got goosebumps. I can’t stop playing it and it is a catchy song. I think that this is the only song I’ve ever heard that I can relate to and everytime I hear it i can’t help but cry.


I loved loved loved! this song. i liked it so much because the lyrics totally made me think wow i know what hes talking about i could totally relate, his pure voice just pulled everything together and it was amazing!. This song made me feel excited because hes such an inspiration and i deffinitaly can relate to it. i absolutly loveddd loved loved! his voice because hes growing so much as a singer and he has such an amazing talent and im so happy that hes sharing it with the world. the song was everything i expected and more because every part about it David’s voice, the lyrics, the beat, the rythem, everything just pulls together and it sounded amazing deffinitly the best song that ive heard.



Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!! I just heard the song just now. WOW!! All I can say is………………I LOVE IT!!



Oh my goodness. Crush is an instant hit. No doubt about that. This song soooo brought me to tears.


Well, in my best Simon Cowell impression…”To be honest, I thought it was…incredible.” Seriously, I loved it. The sound is young and poppy, yet there’s substance to it. It’s not cheesy and computerized like the songs of…well, others out there. And the lyrics are very relatable.



I thought it was really amazing. At first when I heard it was going to be called “crush” something in the back of my mind told me it was going to be a bit for the younger crowd being that I am 20. I was wrong. Anyone at any age can relate to this song. David sounds wonderful on the track. I love love love this song and I cant stop listening to it



This song honestly left me speechless. when i heard the first words of the song i knew it would be amazing. now i cant stop listening to it. His vocals are soo great in this song. i cant wait for his album. i know all the songs are gonna be as great as this one.




I absolutely loved it with all my heart. Seriously I thought that it was going to be a cheesy love song but it was amazing. I cried so much from listening to it, it really touched my heart


First when i heard i was like ok it started to soon,then when it got to like the chorus i was like omg i cant believe it!! david has change every thing but in a really good way! this song really shows his age,and the beat is just like so good! i love this song! and this is davids first single than he is shure to get 2 thumbs up! gosh when im hearing ”crush” again right now it still bringing me to tears,and im like so happy to here his voice again especially on the radio!



I absolutely LOVE his new song! It brought me to tears!



The song was amazing, I was in tears. it was breathtaking & i can’t beleive that he sang so amazing. i loved it, the words meant alot. everyone can connect with this song, boys & girls.


Less than 3 months ago, David was still competing on Americal Idol. And we the fans voted for him ‘week in and week out’. Now it is up to us to promote “CRUSH” to the top of the Bill Board charts

Contact your local station and Request “CRUSH”, more than likely they won’t be aware of the song. Be super friendly and just say, “It just debuted on Z100 in New York”

Learn more tips on how to promote “CRUSH” Here



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7 Responses to “Crush: A Hit with the fans!!”

  1. I absolutely LOVED David’s song ‘Crush’!! It was really great! Also, his voice was amazing as usual! It was really nice to be able to listen to him hearing it for the first time! He’s going to do GREAT! Good job, to you david, we are all proud of you! = )

  2. David’s song is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG! “Crush” is a really great song. I LOVED the lyrics to the song and his voice was just breath taking…and moving.

  3. I loved it. It was beautiful. Archuleta has been my hero since Day One and still is today. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album and in the meantime, I am still praying for him. 🙂

  4. wow this song blew me away.
    it was absolutely amazing and i couldnt have imagined it any better!
    he really has an excellent voice and during the interview his personality really shined! im so glad i supported him 100%!
    he will go so far and his song will become number one! (i dont have any doubts)
    i have a feeling he will go so far ❤

    go david a =]
    woot woot!

  5. Crush is awesome!! Catchy pop tune PLUS David’s beautiful voice, how can you go wrong! I’m going to request it at the radio station here in my small town!!

  6. Everyone is right … David first single is a hit.. There is so many messages in the song… David you did a great job…Keep up the good work

  7. WOW….What a great song. I knew it would be and it has been so good to watch this young man all those months on Idol and know he was gonna hit it big. And its really nice to see something good happen for a good person. Everyone call your local stations and request that this be played. Congratulations David, you did great. I loved watching his reactions while it was playing, he’s so humble and cute 🙂

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