David Archuleta In People en Español (translated!)

David Archuleta<

David Archuleta

Boosted by his acclaimed interpretations in the TV show American Idol, the young singer of Honduran origin is pursuing his dream of connecting with whomever wants to listen
By Isis Sauceda
“It feels good when people appreciate what you do,” says David Archuleta (in Los Angeles in June).
The Archuleta family went several months without joining together for dinner as they used to at his Murray, Utah home. Well, it was not easy. With two of its members, Jeff, the father, and David, the second of five children, more than 600 miles away in Los Angeles, living together was impossible. But the sacrifice was worth it. After all, in the first months of this year David Archuleta fulfilled one of his most cherished dreams of singing week after week on national television as one of the favorites of the popular program American Idol. “I always imagined a scenario,” says David Archuleta, 17. Adds his mother, the Honduran Lupe Archuleta, 42: “I always had the children sing at family reunions, but clearly David was the one who stood out the most.”
That is exactly what he did in the televised singing contest. And while his son did not become this year’s American Idol in the finals of the show in May – he finished in . . .

. . . second place behind David Cook — he did become the first Latino to succeed, and his participation there has opened the doors to a promising career. This summer, Archuleta not only will participate in the American Idols Live! Tour 2008, but will also begin working on his first album as a solo artist. “This show was not easy for him, he just made it look easy,” says Michael Orland, pianist and musical director for American Idol, about Archuleta, who will graduate from high school next year. “He came as a genius and left as a genius. All the participants aspired to reach his level.”
Despite all the applause and millions of votes he received from viewers (his fans call themselves the “Archies”, Archuleta still seems incredulous in the face of such praise. “I thought that nobody liked to hear me sing,” says the now uninhibited performer who grew up listening to Celia Cruz, Gloria Estefan and Selena thanks to his mom, who is also a fan of Thalia and who as a young woman lived in Miami and sang in the singing group The Sisters Mayorga. “I was always embarrassed.”
However, he pretended to sing before a vast audience in the patio of his Utah home while his parents watched. At 10 years old, Archuleta had already made his television debut, and at 12 he won the talent contest Star Search in the youth division. Now, the boy who has traveled to Honduras to sing at a charity would also like to pay tribute to his Latino roots by perfecting the language of Cervantes, which he only speaks with his maternal grandmother, “because she knows my faults ,” says Archuleta, who when not in front of a microphone is listening to music on his iPod. (Among his favorite singers: Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion and Michael Jackson.)
His own career as a singer was in danger when it had barely started. A year and a half ago, Archuleta received medical treatment for vocal chord paralysis. “The doctor told us: ‘There is someone up there who wants him to sing, because medically he should not be able to sing,’” recalls his father, an American jazz musician of 47 years. After therapy, the youth began to sing again despite the initial difficulties to speak and even breathe. At this time, however, no one can stop him. “I feel a connection when I hear other people sing; if I achieve that also, it makes me feel really good,” said Archuleta. “Hopefully I’ll be able to make many albums. I would love to make music in Spanish. Luis Miguel would be awesome.”
“David is a good boy. He has always been sweet, caring, respectful and obedient,” says the singer’s mother, Lupe Archuleta. “He has always been very nice.” Above left: David Archuleta on vacation in Kissimmee, FL, with his parents and sister Claudia in 1995. Above right: in one of his performances on American Idol.
[quote on his… chest!]:
“The doctor told us: ‘There is someone up there who wants him to sing, because medically he should not be able to sing,’” –Jeff Archuleta

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  1. Thank YOU so much for posting this so we can read it!

  2. he’s certainly proven himself to be a great performer (besides being competitive)… I’m thinking his new CD will definitely be worth getting

  3. thanks so much for the article translation-you just helpd me a TON! with my Spanish summer project! 🙂

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