Video ‘Thank you’ from David Archuleta

Juliana and David

Juliana and David

After “Don’t Stop the Music” played, my sister and I looked at each other and screamed! 30 hours before this we had no clue that we would be 4 hours away from home, at the American Idol concert in Albany, let alone meeting David Archuleta in the minutes to come! We headed over to where the ushers directed us, and we waited (very impatiently!). My mom wanted to get in with us, but she didn’t have a pass. So as my sister and I followed to guard to the after party, along with about 50 more people, my mom was asking everyone around her how to get in.

When we walked into the after party, my eyes lit up. This was definately the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.
My sister and I were the first people to walk into the room, so we could see all of the idols talking to each other in the room (and David Cook running from post to post so the fans outside looking through the doors wouldn’t see him! :))

We started off at Kristy Lee Cook who started talking to me and my sister right away. David Archuleta had a huge crowd around him, so we figured we would get to him sooner or later. After Kristy and Brooke, my sister and I spotted Mr. Archuleta. We wondered if he could help us get our mom in, who loves the show almost as much as us! He said he would see what he could do, but at that point, he was taken away by a guard who wanted to talk to him.

So my sister and I went over to Carly, who said she our shirts were “so cute”. After we finished talking to her and getting pictures and such, we heard someone say, “Girls!”. My mom had gotten in! We were so excited! After talking to Jason (who was my mom’s favorite, and remembers us because of my mom’s sign from the Rochester concert we had already been to, [in 2nd row]) and Michael Johns. We figured it was time to get into David Archuleta’s line.

My heart had never been racing faster in my life! My sister somehow got in front of me and when we got to the front of the line, he looked at us and I just got out, “This is so cool!”. He thought that was funny I guess. I told him about how I fell asleep in 2 classes in school the day after the finale because I was up voting like crazy. He was so thankful and just so sweet and so adorable! After taking a few pictures, I asked for a hug and he said, “Yeah! Of course!”. I told him then that he was incredible and he smiled and said, “Aw! Thank you so much!”. I hoped that wasn’t the last time I was going to talk to him!

We decided to go over to David Cook at this point. When we went to the Rochester concert, before the show I had missed David Archuleta by 5 minutes. When David Cook came out, I asked him to bring out David Archuleta, but then I had realized it was really rude of me to ask that.
As we got up to David I said to him about how much of a jerk I felt like for saying that and I apologized. He said not to worry about it and it was fine. He was so sweet as well!


At this point there was only about 20 people left in the room, and just the Davids. I had remembered that all of the kids the had helped me with a video we made for him wanted an autograph or something. So I walked towards David Archuleta and he was talking to some other people. But he saw me and came right over. I said,
“David, do you think you can do me a favor?” “Oh yeah sure!”
I explained the video and all the dedication the kids helped me put into it. He was so grateful that we did something like that for him, and agreed right away to say “hi and thanks” to them in a video. It took him a few times to get right, but it was so adorable at the same time! So this was the video that I took of him saying hi to the kids!


I showed all of the girls that were in the video yesterday, and they went crazy! They loved it! I haven’t showed the boys yet, but they will think it is pretty cool!
After we took to video, they told us we all had to leave because they wanted to get back on the road. So we sadly said goodbye to David! It was so worth the 4 hour drive from home! This was the best day of my life!

The video made by Juliana to promote David.


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