Larissa Flew 10,000 Miles to Meet David Archuleta. The Complete Story!


First of all, I give thanks to my heavenly Father, for whom all things are possible, for bringing David Archuleta’s music into my life, and for moving me to embark on this project.

I was asked, “If there is just one person in this world you would like to meet, who would it be?” to which I would always reply without hesitation, “David Archuleta“.

This is my story of meeting with David Archuleta…

David and Larissa

David and Larissa

Worcester, MA – August 9, 2008, 10.15pm The AI Tour concert had just ended and I sat by the side of the stage with my husband and a small group of people, waiting for the ushers to bring us to the after-concert party. In my arms I held a black artist canvas bag. It contained the International Archies Album for the American Idol Tour, a 40-page book of letters, stories, pictures and artwork from international fans of David from 15 countries spanning all the inhabited continents of the world which I had compiled and digitally printed, as well as a package of international fans’ gifts for him. I wore an after-party fabric sticker that was marked “DA” in black sharpie, an indication that I was a guest of David A. I composed myself for the imminent meeting with David where I would present him with the book.

Just two days ago, I had arrived into New York City after a 10,000-mile journey from Singapore via Hong Kong and over the North Pole, with my mother and husband.

The first time I saw David was by the buses at the entrance of the Worcester venue on August 9, at about 2.30pm.

People had formed a line to wait for the idols. After a 3-hour wait, David appeared from behind the doors. The most striking physical aspect about him at first sight was his eyes. They were absolutely the most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen, a deep luminous hazel and green. They were piercing and intense, yet a distinct kindness and warmth emanated from them. David made his way down the line greeting the fans, signing autographs and taking pictures with them. He was friendly and was always smiling. There was a palpable sense of pure joy in the air. When he finally stood before us, I held up my poster that shouted “Flew 10,000 miles for David Archuleta”, and said basically the same thing in one breath. He asked where I was from and I replied “Singapore”. When I asked him to sign on a picture of himself, he observed the post-it note on the picture that spelt my name. He asked, “To Larissa?” and proceeded to write my name and sign the picture, saying that he has received many letters from Singapore. He also read the note my mom wrote on a paper plate, “I flew from the equator over the north pole, just to meet Archie!” and signed on it. I was impressed that he offered a personal touch to the fans he met, by taking the effort to pay attention to what they wrote and said to him.

Worcester, MA – August 9, 2008, 10.30pm Led by the ushers and security, we took the elevator and entered a room. I was among the first to enter and when I saw Jason Castro and Michael Johns, I knew that the idols were there. My eyes quickly scanned the room for David and found him at the back of the room, alone. I immediately walked to him, introduced myself, “David, I’m the 10,000-mile girl from Singapore” and shook his hand. I unzipped the bag and took out the book, which was wrapped in transparent plastic film. I introduced the book to him as he stood facing me smiling, and presented it to him. I suggested that he unwrap the book to take a look, so he put the book on a table and unwrapped it.

I explained to him that the book is divided into various countries in alphabetical order and he responded, “Wow! That is cool!” He read aloud the name of the book, “International Archies Album for the American Idol Tour” and talked about how much he liked the artwork at the beginning of the book created by one of the fans.

I told him that the book is a tribute to him from fans all over the world. He was very appreciative and read the poem I penned about him. I conveyed the messages from some fans – to take care of his health, and to go on a world tour, to which he replied, “Oh, I would love to!” He asked me how long it took to get the whole book together. He was very discerning – he was convinced that the book took a lot of time and effort, without my telling him, which truly pierced my heart. He commented that he had never seen anything like the book before. His deep appreciation of the book meant the world to me.

David flipped through every single page of the book and commented and asked questions on some of them. He especially liked the write-up about each country written by the fans. Someone gave him a cookie, which he munched on while reading the book. He was very careful not to let the cookie crumbs on his fingers fall onto the book.

David’s exploration of the book was “interrupted” several times by guests who wanted his autographs and pictures, which he willingly obliged without hesitation. I stood by his side to wait for him. Once, while signing the autographs, he asked me if I was going to talk with the other idols, I said “no” and he replied that I should go talk with them. However, my feet remained glued to the floor beside him. There was an inexplicably strong aura surrounding David that attracted me to him and I felt compelled to stay by his side, content to quietly observe his interactions with other people, rather than leave to make the rounds with all the other idols, which most others would do. Perhaps I was afraid that the momentum of my interactions with him might be lost if I walked too far away. Perhaps I was all too aware of my sole purpose of coming from 10,000 miles away – I was a guest of David A. and I was there to present the book to him, nothing else mattered.

But I did leave David twice, and that was because I spotted Jeff Archuleta across the room. I approached Jeff to introduce myself and to thank him and Lupe for bringing David up to be a fine, young man who is a tremendous blessing to millions around the world. Jeff was grateful for my efforts in doing up the book and flying all the way here. He referred to it as a “sacrifice”, which I tried to gently refute that it was more a “labor of love”. He shared with us the difficulty of being on tour – how there was no time to explore each city and nearly all their time was spent indoors at the venues, and that they had been home for a very short while since early this year.

I sensed distinct traces of David’s personality in Jeff – father and son displayed the very same genuine desire and uncanny ability to connect with people, to look at them in the eye, and to speak words of blessing, wisdom and truth.

Jeff and Larissa

Jeff and Larissa

Whenever David had finished chatting with people, at least 5 or 6 times, he would always immediately return to reading the book. Once, when he was busy chatting with some people, I thought that he was not going to continue with the book and so closed it up. It was a mistake. He went back to the book and stared at the front cover, so I hurriedly opened it up to the page where he last stopped. His attention to the book was so intense that while reading it, he did not seem to register anything I told him that was not related to the book’s contents. He would not be deterred from going through all 40 pages of the book that night.

I will forever remember and cherish how David showed an unceasing keen interest in the book and the special way he handled it with great tender care.

Several times, he explored the texture of the printed contents by gently running his fingers over the letters, pictures and artwork; I was happy I had invested effort, through trial-and-error, to choose a suitable type of paper to print the book and settled for a pure white paper of considerable thickness that would give the contents an embossed 3-D effect and enable the colors to stand out vibrantly.

Not only this; the way that David bent down to gaze intently at the contents, tenderly touching or even caressing the pages with his fingers, gave me chills, as if the pages were alive and had feelings, as if he was expressing his love for every picture and artwork that he laid his fingers on. He demonstrated a real interest and care for each of his international fans – he seemed to be connecting with the people featured in the book, at an emotional and spiritual level I had never seen from anyone before. To have the privilege of witnessing this up-close was nothing less than mind-blowing. I could only speculate that the book served as a channel for David to get to know more about some of his individual international fans, and that was why he loved it.

Time was flying, and the other idols said their goodbyes and began to leave the room, but David was still reading the book and chatting with guests intermittently. I still had a stack of autograph requests from the international fans and I thought that since there probably was not enough time for David to sign them, I showed the requests to Jeff and asked if he could arrange for someone to bring the signed pictures to a post office and mail them back to me in the self-addressed stamped envelope; Jeff was amenable to it.

When David was done with reading the book, he asked if there was anything I wanted him to sign. I showed him the stack of autograph requests and told him to take his time to sign them, as I had spoken with Jeff to coordinate their return. But David said, “I want to do this now.” At this juncture, Jeff asked me whether I had everything set up for the signing (I did) and how many requests there were (about 30). By this time, all the other idols and guests had left the room, but David was insistent on signing all the autographs on the spot. He said, “I really want to do this now” and asked his handler, “Can I do this before leaving?” A nod from the handler, and we were off. He took care to write each individual fan’s name on the autograph before signing it.

David’s strong desire to give something of himself to each of his international fans touched me so deeply I was trembling slightly as I passed each autograph to him. Jeff was very kind and asked if we could return the stamped envelope to the post office to get a refund on the postage costs, but we assured him that we could find another use for the envelope.

With the autographs all signed, David opened up the folder of fans’ gifts that came with the book. I showed him the gifts one-by-one, including a black T-shirt that I brought for him from Singapore that had Chinese characters in red on the front that meant “Lion City”, another name for Singapore. He liked the T-shirt design and asked if it was a small size. When I replied that it was a medium, he said that he could wear it.

With the book and fans’ gifts tucked safely back into the black bag, it was time to say goodbye. I asked David, “Can I give you a hug?” to which he quipped, “What? Can I give YOU a hug?” We hugged. By this time, we knew David and Jeff were the last to leave the party. Jeff carried the bag containing the book and gifts, and they waved to us and were gone in an instant.

From this encounter with David, I have gained a deeper insight into his character, from his determination in reading the book and signing the autographs. Once he sets his mind and heart on doing something, he is super focused and does not deviate from it; he possesses an extraordinary inner strength that does not easily bow to external pressure or circumstances. My deep respect and admiration of David had reached yet another zenith.

Manchester, NH – August 10, 2008, 2.30pm I arrived at the venue just in time to catch David signing autographs by the buses. He recognized me. When I asked if I could take a picture with him, he kept apologizing that he did not have enough time. He continued to make his way down the line signing autographs and posing for pictures. When he was done with everyone, he walked back to where I stood. He extended his left hand and the people around me reached out to touch his hand briefly. I reached out my right hand. He held my hand for a few seconds, as we looked at each other and exchanged smiles. He let go of my hand and said softly, “You can take pictures of me.” And he stood there smiling while I readied my camera. Someone on my left used the opportunity to pass him something to sign, which he obliged. He then returned to patiently posing for my camera. I took two shots of him and gave a thumbs-up, and he walked away.

Philadelphia, PA – August 13, 2008, 11.30pm God opens up more windows of opportunity when we least expect it. I thought I would not see David again during this trip after the Manchester, NH concert on August 10 … I was wrong.

We were driving through the Philadelphia area on the evening of August 13, and we knew that the AI Tour concert was in Philly that night. We had not planned to watch the Philly concert, but I felt a sudden strong urge that perhaps I should go to the venue after the concert and see if I could try to meet David briefly to say farewell to him before returning to Singapore.

We arrived at the venue about 30 minutes after the concert had ended and a huge crowd of 5-deep had already gathered by the railings. A very kind lady who is a fan of Michael Johns / Cook offered to give me her spot by the railing whenever David showed up. David appeared and made his way from the other end of the line. The lady left after speaking with MJ, so I took my spot right by the railing. I stood on the lower ledge of the railing so as to be taller, which turned out to be a good thing as it made me at eye level with David.

When David came over, his head was lowered possibly in anticipation of whoever it was to just shove him something to sign on. Instead, I said in one breath, “David, I came here to say goodbye to you; I’m going home to Singapore soon.” He looked up, recognized me, gasped “Oh, hey!” and looked genuinely surprised that I was there.

I extended my right arm in an offer to hug him. He exclaimed, “This girl is awesome!” then put his arms around me. The crowd heard the shout and erupted into sounds of “Oh!” and “Aww!” and cheers and clapping. I put my arms around him and hugged him tightly. It was the warmest, loveliest embrace I have received from anyone for a very long time. I closed my eyes and my world came to a standstill.

Then he said, “I’ll see you in Singapore.” I asked him to sign on my favorite jacket and while he was doing it, I said to him, “Come to Singapore, ok?” He said, “Yes.” He moved down the line to sign other autographs, but he looked back a couple of times, waved at me and said, “Goodbye”.

A few minutes later, I met Jeff and thanked him again for everything. Jeff was a wonderful and gracious presence, as always. He asked if I managed to meet David; I supposed he was prepared to bring David out if I hadn’t met him yet. Jeff shared with the fans nearby about my story – how I flew 10,000 miles to meet David and compiled a book from international fans around the world who could not come for the AI Tour. I told Jeff, “I hope David is reading the book” and he said, “Oh yeah, he’s reading it … it’s special”.

Epilogue This concludes my experience of meeting David Archuleta in-person. I hope David, Jeff and their family would have an opportunity to visit Singapore.

David, I would be willing to travel 10,000 miles over and over, to see you again. By the Lord’s grace, perhaps our paths might cross again. You taught me in Worcester that “Contigo en la distancia” meant “The distance with you”. I would go the distance with you and continue to promote your music, to the ends of the world.

– Larissa Cheong, Singapore

“Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Ephesians 5:19-20

The entire story can be seen in photographs here


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  1. This is a wonderful story. Thanks for posting:)

  2. Hi Larissa

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us. He’s so cute..saying that he will see you in Singapore. I do hope he and his family will be here on an Asian tour as he so many fans in Asia. Can’t thank you enough for putting the International Fan Book together and getting the autographs. I’m sure everyone is anxiously waiting…

    God bless,

  3. Wow Larissa, this has got to be the most eloquently-written fan experience i have ever read ever! I am as touched as he is reading your story, thanks so much for sharing. Sad i didn’t have time to make it for the book, but SO happy to see my lil red package on the pic there on the table! 😮

    You’re an angel.

  4. hey larissa,
    are you born again? sorry ot.

    wonderful story!
    i wish he’d visit the Phils too!


  5. Larissa,

    Your eloquently written words of your interactions with David moved me to tears. Even though I may never have the opportunity to meet with David I actually feel as if i have, through your wonderful story. David is truly an inspiration and role model to us all. We are blessed by his presence on this earth.

    Take care,

  6. what a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing it.
    when I try to see the pix it says invalid not sure why

  7. My Lord, I’m seriously about to cry. This is the sweetest thing I have ever read. David is a special person. I’m glad every mile that you went was worth it. God Bless!

  8. Over the past 7 months I have read hundreds of storys and thousands of words about David Archuleta. I don’t know why this one has touched me more than the others. Maybe it’s your gracefully eloquent way of expressing how appreciative both you and David were of having this encounter. I truly hope he visits Singapore. He will not forget you, as it seems that these gestures of kindness are not forgotten by this wonderful young man. Thanks for sharing this story with all of David’s fans. God bless you.

  9. Larissa,
    That was an amazing story. I really want to thank you for sharing it with us; it is definitely my favorite fan story about David I’ve ever read. This part “He exclaimed, “This girl is awesome!” then put his arms around me… It was the warmest, loveliest embrace I have received from anyone for a very long time. I closed my eyes and my world came to a standstill,” literally made me cry. I know, that sounds crazy, but you write in such detail and with such emotion, it really touched my heart. And lol, that sounded really cheesy. Anyways, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. =D

  10. Larissa – thanks for this story, really – very well written!
    Thanks for representing us – International Archies – and letting David know how much we admire him. I myself flew in to Atlantic City, NJ to see the concert and David, but unable to meet him in person 😦

    Again, thank you very much for sharing your story. You’re awesome!

    God bless you

  11. Larissa, thank you for sharing your story of meeting David it was indeed wonderful.

  12. this is the best story ever. thanks larissa for a wonderful story. i am so glad you got to meet david and hopefully he gets to tour in singapore soon.

  13. Larissa, your accounts of the meetings you have had with David tell us a lot of David and yourself. I am moved to tears, it is one of the most touching and warm encounters I have ever heard and read.

    Earlier in the AI tours, I offered myself, at one of the fansites, to bunk with anyone from Singapore or Malaysia to attend David’s concerts or future solo concerts in America, fearing that he may not come to the Far East, let alone Singapore. I got no takers.

    So when you wrote David said “I will see you in Singapore”, I was euphoric. Now I believe he will come. I am so proud of you Larissa, my countryman.

  14. Hi, I´m International Archie, and even if I didn´t got the change to help you with the book, I started to look to American Idol late in the season and to post in the forums only after the finlae, I want to thank you for helping us Archie´s fans that can´t met hi… God bless you… Thanks for sharing your story…

  15. Hi Larissa,
    That was a truly amazing story that you met David all the way from Singapore to New York. I am so happy and glad that you could do that for his fans. Thank You so much for being so kind. I hope that you will get to see him in future in Singapore touring him around in Singapore!! =) That would be great and awesome!!

    May God Bless You!!
    Take care,
    Kristin, from Malaysia

  16. Hi Larissa! I am the archangel from India who contributed to the international fans book compiled for David! I just want to say that your story of how you met David, has been written so nicely that there is just one word to describe this write-up: “perfect”. Kudos to you! And if anyone deserved this experience, its you, after all this hard work and effort you put in to show David how much he is actually loved around the world! And might I add, I feel so proud to have been a part of that book! Thanks again Larissa for being the voice of international archies across the globe!
    With best regards,
    Preetha a.k.a archangel119.

  17. Wow! what an amazing story! I love it when David ask you if you want to meet the other idol’s and you said “NO”. haha!

    It’s a blessing that you got to meet David and give him a thoughtful gift from the international fans.

    Aww! and he thinks your awesome!

  18. Dear Larissa,

    Your story was very touching and it must have been an incredible experience for you to meet David Archuleta. As a fellow Singaporean and a fan of David as well, I am happy that you get to represent us, International Archies and share with him, the love and joy he brings to us. Thank you and God Bless!

    PS. Now I really hope he comes to Singapore soon, 🙂

  19. Larissa, what a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing! David is truly the most talented yet most humble artist ever. Your encounter with him must be one of the best moments in your life. Thanks for putting together the International Fan Book for David 🙂 I’m so happy that David said he’ll come to Singapore!

    Your fellow Arch Angel from Singapore,

  20. Dear Larissa,

    gosh… thank you so so much for sharing this amazing & touching story!
    thank you what you hv done for us, International Archies

    i had tears when i read this: “Come to Singapore, ok?” He said, “Yes.”
    he gave you a promise~! it’s soooooooo touching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. guys, he read my letter!!! the 5th photo is my letter!!
    i’m sure..coz i took the photo w/ pink jacket!!OMG,thank to Larisa.

  22. wow..such a touching story..thanks for sharing it…i almost teared..
    wish i could turn back the clock..shouldnt have cancelled my flight booking to the fren couldnt make it n i jus couldnt travel alone.. luck is not on myside..perhaps one day i will be able to meet this amazing dude ..someday : )

  23. oh Diana (03:35:30) …shud have known u earlier..i have no takers too ..realy wish david will come to singapore or even other parts of the world for the tour.. this time round i make sure i hv company.. 🙂

  24. Hey Larissa,

    Thank you for sharing this inspiration story with us! I appreciate it. I feel your words. Its so truthful and beautiful. The most touching part of it all is that David said he would visit Singapore. You can never imagine how much we give our gratitudes to you that you are going to fulfill our dreams one day of meeting David here in Singapore!

    Thank you! and best wishes to you always,

    Fellow ArchAngel from Singapore,
    Rachel Tan, 18

  25. Larissa, Your story was beautifully written and moved me to tears. I had watched a little video clip of him with you, but it was hard to hear. Your words painted the picture much better. What an amazing thing you did and David, of course, is the most humble, appreciative young man. I love the part when he asked can I hug YOU? I hope he does make it to Singapore so you can see him again (without traveling 10,000 miles).

  26. Oh…I love your story. I really wish he’ll have a tour in Asia and visit the Philippines too! All I can say is, you’re one lucky gal. I so envy you! 🙂

  27. What a beautiful story. So glad you had a great meeting with David. When I stood in front of him I totally forgot what I had planned to say. His eyes absolutely mesmerized me!

  28. Just a question… is Portugal included in that book??

  29. Way to go Larissa. You made us all proud. Thank you for what you have done and for the story.

  30. I am so happy for you. Seeing David is on my “Bucket List”. I make up for not getting to do that this time by watching and reading every word and listening to every note of every concert that is posted on youtube. There are lots of tongue-in-cheek thoughts about why David reaches our souls, but I think the answer is that he communicates in a language we all understand (music) in the spirit of love. This shy young man refuses insists ever-so-gently with his voice on reaching inside the soul and leaving the velvet blanket of his voice to cover our pain.

  31. shebee (20:54:30)
    “what a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing it.
    when I try to see the pix it says invalid not sure why”

    Thanks for letting us know.
    It works now. 🙂

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  33. Wow what an awesome story! You deffinately are a devoted David fan to do what you did by flying 10,000 miles! But thats great that you were able to meet him too

  34. Larissa thanks for sharing your amazing story with us. You really put so much work in that book featuring International Fans of Archie WOW!!! Hats off to you!!! You made him happy by doing this and letting him know how his global fans really appreciates him. thanks again and Larissa you rock!!!!

  35. Larissa, Thank you for sharing your story, your words about David are so purely put that we can relate to each and every one. I will be see David in Oklahoma and hoping to get an autograph and see his eyes, as everyone has stated that they draw you in when you look into them. Thank you again for sharing your time with David.

  36. Larissa – beautiful name. Thanks so much much for sharing your lifetime experience with Archie!!! You speak and write with perfect English. You vocabulary is outstanding!! Do all Singaporeans know English?? You are remarkable!!! It’s no wonder Archie won the “Most Fanatic Fans” award. I have never seen such dedication!!!! I’m deeply touched by what your wrote – more ways than one. You’re a sister! You and Archie are a blessing!!! Take Care!!!

    From a Brother in the Lord!!!!

  37. Larissa: The tears are still in my eyes from reading your beautiful story about traveling 10,000 miles to meet David and the wonderful experience you had while presenting him the unique international fan book that was so carefully prepared with love. It really did not surprise me that David took so much time to go page by page through the book, examining even the texture of the paper….that is David as we all have come to know him. The tears really started to flow when he said to you…”See you in Singapore”. Oh my Gosh…how sweet is that! Thanks so much for sharing your touching story with us. I hope that some day you will meet David again when he comes to your home country. I wish you much love & happiness until then.

  38. Dear Larissa, I am so proud of you Larissa. Everyone of us, David fans, is so proud of you. I really hope and pray that David can visit Singapore and meet you there. I have promised and it is a promise, that I will support David for life. I have read the same thing a lot from so many fans and it is so heartwarming. I am a golden MADS and still can’t help but become a fan of David. He is the one who has re-awakened my long sleeping interest in music, so I am truly grateful for him, the joy I get out of listening to his music is priceless. Larissa, I wish you and your family happiness, prosperity and good health.

  39. Hi! Larissa,

    The most beautiful, heartful, loving, and captivating fan story I ever read. You are awesome. You are one of the reason why David received the TCA award for the Most Fanatic Fans. I commend you how much love you have for David. You are a Superstar Fan! I love how you glorify our Lord Jesus Christ first, and next adoring David.

    I am with you Larissa, thanking the LORD for a JOY in my heart loving David.

    God Bless you and your loved ones.

    You are fantabulous!

    Rika O’-)

  40. Larissa, I was so moved to tears by your story. My son actually caught me tearing up in front of my laptop when he kissed me to leave for school. He’s probably wondering what’s making me cry. If he only knew they are tears of joy that there is an exemplary young man like David, who happens to be the same age as he is, who has a wonderful global impact on music lovers who he might never meet, and makes them come together to share their common experiences of recognizing a truly beautiful soul promoting brotherhood, love and hope through the universal language of music. I laud David for being able to do that by being his lovely self, and I laud you, Larissa, for your equal determination in representing his music followers outside of the US to make him aware of our joy and deep appreciation of his work. I also hope he can come to Manila in the Philippines for, I am sure there are a lot of others like me who are in loving anticipation of a David Archuleta Asian or World Tour. God bless!

  41. What a wonderful story of the time you had with david. He is reaching out to people around the world faster then any singer ever has…

  42. thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with David and his dad Jeff. this is, by far, the best fan story i’ve read since the tour began. thanks for telling David how much we, Asian and other International fans, love him. thank you thank you thank you.

  43. this made me cry *sniff* u are so lucky.. i’m here in the philippines and therefore can’t see david live.. but i am so happy for you.. 🙂

  44. larissa, reading ur story made me cry.. i’m so happy that u got to move him and be moved by him in such a big way! i’m one of his international fans too – from sri lanka – n i doubt if i was in your book, but i’m SO SO glad u made the book, coz i’m sure it made david realise a bit more how much he affects people’s lives n how much we love him – something he seems really shy to accept even! he’s an absolute darling isnt he? still crying here 🙂

  45. Hi Larissa. You made me cry 😦 haha. That story was absolutely beautiful. You are so blessed to have met David and Jeff and to have had that experience with them. Thanks for letting them know how much we international fans appreciate David’s music very much and how it touches us. I’m kind of sad though because I wasn’t able to be a part of the book you gave him. I’m from the Philippines and had I known about this sooner, I definitely would’ve contributed to it haha. Anyway, thanks again Larissa for your touching story and for showing us this side of David.

    God bless you and take care! 🙂

  46. Hi, Larissa, I’m so proud of you. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with David.
    The same night after I read your story, I had a dream and David came to Malaysia…….and he came to my house…………………Dang it,I woke up and I found myself smiling. I know this is crazy.

    Thanks again for sharing your wonderful experience with David.

  47. Hi Larissa,
    Your story is beautiful and touching. With all those fans waiting outside after the concert in Philly to meet David, little did I know that this was you… standing right next to me the whole time and a man (perhaps your husband) taking photos which he was kind to show me afterwards. I asked you if you were happy and you looked as if you were about to cry. I wish I knew then that it was you…I would have given you a great big hug. What you did was precious and I believe David will cherish that book and feels so loved knowing he has fans all over the globe. I flew in from Osaka Japan. I am a missionary there. My son got married this summer and I mad it a top priority to meet David and see him in concert upon my return. My mother passed away this past April while I was in Japan. I couldn’t depart to get home for her funeral and felt much pain in my heart. I was grieving and will never forgot how David’s music and presence on American Idol touched my heart and brought me healing, especially during Andrew Lloyd Weber week. I had many gifts and letters to bring David from his fans in Japan (many of them were my English and Bible Study students). We had nice talking time before the concert. It was so hot in Philly that day and he was so gracious to stay outside for such a long time signing, laughing and chatting with all of his fans. When I presented him his package and told him where I came from he was so appreciative and wanted to open it up right there. Wiping the sweat from his brow, i offered him a clean Japanese handkerchief from my purse. He said “I can’t take that from you…it’s yours from Japan”. I reassured him it was okay… that he needed it on such a hot day and it was my pleasure to give it to him (even if it was a little girly… yellow with flowers..). He held onto that hanky and used it non-stop. He was such a joy to meet! I wish I could have formally met you because I would have given you a big sisterly hug and told you how special you are!! God Bless you Larissa…

  48. Larissa, thank you so much for sharing this incredibly beautiful story and gorgeous pictures. I am speechless after reading it, in wonderment not only towards David and how appreciative and tender he was with you, but wonderment towards you as well. You are clearly a spiritual and inspirational woman in your own right, which is why David connected so deeply with you. I have no doubt in my mind that David will find a way to perform in Singapore someday as a thank you to his many loyal, loving, generous and supportive fans there, and you will meet again. All the best to you, always!

  49. Larissa
    Love your story, what a devoted and dedicated fan !! I really hope he will one day come to Singapore, that will be the happiest day of my life because I am also from Singapore.

    Think you can e-mail me, would love to make friends with you.

  50. I have been waiting for your story since the day you met David.
    His reaction towards the international fan’s book was priceless. I’m so proud of you for taking the time and effort to make the international fans book for him.
    Thanks for representing the international Archies.

  51. Boy oh boy did the story raise goosebumps on my arms! Wow. God truly had plans for you to meet David since you met him thrice. What a blessing that must have been. Thank you for sharing the story. I’m sure it also must’ve taken time and effort to pen all of the aforementioned down for our reading pleasure. God bless you. I really hope he’ll stop by in Malaysia when he heads to Singapore! 😀

    Justine from Malaysia.

  52. dear larissa,
    i am a doctor from the philippines and am so happy that you shared to us your experience. you have done what i wanted to do, meet david in person and hear him sing live. with your experience, i felt that i had already a chance to meet david and know how kind hearted he truly is. like you, i have read almost all the articles in the internet about david. from the very first song he sang on ai, i already knew that he can touch the lives of people through his music. when he sang “imagine”, i felt his music, that time i told myself that i will follow and support his career because his talent is heaven sent. he conveys his music like messages to the heart. when david starts his solo concerts i am sure to go wherever it will be. may i tell you that here in our country, david is also very popular. he’s also got a lot of fans here.
    thanks again larissa for telling david that he is loved the world over. kris

  53. Larissa! this is a very nice story! thank you very much for sharing
    it! Im in tearss right now! It’s really touchy>..< before I die!!
    I love David sooo much!! Thanks Again Larissa for your story!
    God bless you !

  54. I am so touched. I am so very touched by your experience. Season 7 brought us an angel from heaven. Tell all the fans in Singapore that I will be traveling 10,000 miles to see David there. I hope he performs a couple of concerts. He will need a very big concert hall! I feel your love Larissa. You are a beautifully spiritual person full of grace and goodness just like David. HUGS from a Utah forever fan of David’s!!!!!

  55. Dear Larissa, your story really moved me into tears…I’m so proud of you for representing all of us here in Asia who don’t get the chance to meet David and letting him know how much love and support that he gets from fans all over the world. Really hope he will come to Singapore or Malaysia one day.

  56. Larissa,
    I was in tears while reading your story. I had a similar encounter with David too. When I asked him for a hug, he didnot respond and just keep on signing and drift away but ,in a few second, he came back and gave me the sweetest hug ever. I was in Heaven that night. This kid is really something!! He really do care about people. A lot of people will say that they are just being nice to promote themselves but untill you see this kid in person and observe the way he interacts and talk to the fans, you can say that this kid is Real!!! Everyting about him is just heaven.

  57. Larissa,

    I do hope you are able to read all the beautiful comments written about your special story. I had seen the video clip of you and David looking at the book and I had hoped to know more. I am so glad that you were able to make such a strong connection with David. I am sure he did feel a spiritual bond with the International fans through you, their ambassador. I have no doubt that he will one day be in your lovely Singapore and you will meet again. May God bless you and your husband all of your days. I live in California and now feel like I have a “sister” in Singapore.

  58. The story was absolutely wonderful….
    It touched me so deeply…….

    U really r lucky to have met him in person….

    I do hope there will be an Asian tour and that he would also visit Indonesia….
    Coz if he does…then i won’t miss it for the world!!!
    (Since I won’t be able to afford going to America myself….I ain’t got enough money..hehe..)

  59. Dear Larissa,

    Thank you for sharing this story to us. I’m a college student from Vietnam and I always want to fly over to meet David. I hope he meant it when he said that he’d see you in Singapore, cuz it’ll be a lot easier for me to go there. He knows that he has so many fans in Asia, so I guess he’ll be taking an Asian tour sooner or later. 🙂

    Thank you again on behalf of the rest of the Asian fans who haven’t got a chance to express our love for David Archuleta!

    Hien from Vietnam.

  60. Thank you Larissa,

    May Heavenly Father Bless You and Yours for going so far to see David and especially for bring such a wonderful tribute to him. I am sure that your experience will live in his heart forever also. I had to stop so many time when reading your beautiful story just to dry my eyes. Thank you so much. May God Be With You Til You Meet David Again!

  61. lariss, such a fine, heartfelt narration! very touching, very honest! thanks so very much for sharing! david james continues to inspire people the world over! we filipinos are great music lovers ourselves, and this kid is truly a unique, amazing and very, very special talent! manila would come to a full halt, when this artist comes over.

  62. Dear Larissa,
    I’m so sorry for leaving a comment so late. I couldn’t get access to the internet for almost a week.
    I absolutely agree with above (or below) comments that this is THE BEST, EMOTIONAL AND HEARTFELT story abt experience with David so far. U are such a talented narrator!
    I’m wondering now that even if I have a chance to meet David in person, will I have enough writing skill to tell a story as wonderful as yours is.
    I’m also wondering that whether U are still floating in the nine cloud?

  63. Dear Larissa,
    Your writings touched my heart about your meetings with David. Like so many others, tears filled my eyes while reading it. You conveyed what a remarkable young man David is. Now he belongs to the world, and he knows exactly how to treat his fans. It won’t be easy for him. As he becomes more popular, it will be harder for him to please everyone, but I have the feeling he will try, very hard, to do just that. I will pray for the Good Lord to watch over and protect this very special young man. He brings us all great joy with his God-given voice. May he do so for many years to come. And hopefully, someday, he will make it to Singapore, when you will see him again.

  64. Wow Larissa,
    That was a wonderful story! I’ll repeat what everyone else has said, it was beautifully written and really helped me imagine what those meetings were like for you. To hear he spent the time to sign all those autographs on the spot, was wonderful. I’m so happy for you that you did all this work and then really got to meet him. Good for you for your persistence!! Thanks for sharing the story!

  65. Thank you Larissa for sharing the wonderful story of your meeting David Archuleta. How thoughtful you were to come all that way to meet him and present him with a fanbook that was prepared with care and love, and how thoughtful and gracious David was to take the extra time out of his busy schedule to spend with you and receive the book with thanksgiving. That’s why I’m a big fan of David Archuleta because of the great person I see that he is besides his great talent. And I know you are a wonderful person too. I see the light of our Lord shining in you both. God Bless.

  66. […] Archies, I’m so touched by all your comments. It’s gratifying to know that my story is a blessing to people. The story is beautiful only because David is beautiful. He truly loves and […]

  67. Ohmygosh Larissa I just read your awesome storyyy! MY favorite tour story EVER! Like you, I was blessed to have met David and this past summer on tour.
    He is everything you described. Just an amazing person whom I admare sooo much!
    Your story is just WOW! Amazing, amazing story..

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    That was soo awesome what you did for the fans around the world!

    God bless you. 🙂

    Love the pix btw haha

    I really do hope David visits Singapore one day I’m sure he will. 🙂

    Take care.
    ~Michelle.N from Fresno Cali [♥]

  68. Oh my gosh Larissa amazing story!! My favorite tour story EVER!
    Like you, I too was blessed and got to meet David A. this summer on the idol tour..He is truely everything you discibed him as. Just an amazing person, so humble and sweet and I admire him so much. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing such an amazing story that really touch my heart.
    Your so awesome for doing such a wonderful thing for the fans around the world.
    I really do hope David and his family gets the chance visit Singapore. 🙂

    BTW Your pix are amazing aswell and your vidoes!

    Take care and God bless.<33

    ~Michelle from Fresno Cali [♥]

  69. Oh my gosh Larissa amazing story!! My favorite tour story EVER!
    Like you, I too was blessed and got to meet David A. This summer on the idol tour..He is truely everything you discibed him as. Sweet, humble and so handsome.. He’s such an amazing person and I admire him so much. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing such an amazing story that really touch my heart.
    Your so awesome for doing such a wonderful thing for the fans around the world.
    I really do hope David and his family gets the chance visit Singapore. 🙂

    BTW Your pix are amazing aswell and your vidoes!

    Take care and God bless.<33

    ~Michelle from Fresno Cali [♥]

  70. Larissa,
    Wow! That is so amazing. I’m lost for words. I’m tearing up. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. David is such a gift to us all.

  71. Larissa, do u know that by doing this, sharing your amazing story, you bring joy and excitement to us who read it (and for me also make me miss David hehe..). You are truly a blessing..! Thank you so much for ur hard work, ur time, and ur good heart on making International Archie Book. And I am proud to be part of it, thanks to you David read my artwork !! 😀
    God bless you and your family.

    from Indonesia

  72. […] to Singapore and in the course of three sleepless nights, poured out my heart and drummed up a STORY that was eventually published on Archuleta Fan […]

  73. […] 2008 can now be viewed at ARCHULETA FAN SCENE, together with the videos.  Fan Scene also hosts the STORY of my meetings with David on the idol […]

  74. […] If this is the first time you’ve heard of Larissa and her International Archies Book you can read more here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Stirring the hearts of humanity with every […]

  75. This is a truly amazing story, I started crying. It was so touching, I probably will never meet David, (Because I live in Pakistan) but thisstory really helped me feel complete.
    You know what it feels like when you really wanna see someone or just get an autogaph or something which will make your life complete? I bet you do, until you met David, that is, I went and saw your video and it is exactly how you described it to be.
    May god give you another chance for this amazing opportunity.

  76. goodness, this story is really touching..I feel happy that he pays alot of attention to international archies..Larissa you are so lucky to meet a wonderful person..oh my god…i’m crying (tears of joy)


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