Fan Scene Staff Member, Orlando, To Present David Archuleta Special Edition Radio Broadcast Tonight.

FHR Radio, a licensed online radio station which I am station manager for, will host a special program dedicated to David Archuleta on Sept 1st at 7pm Eastern US Time. We will do a time line of David through the years and ending the night with the introduction of his new single.  FHR Radio will also be gifting 10 itunes downloads to 10 lucky fans during our broadcast of his new single “Crush”.  Tune in here:


Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments. Yes, our station is primarily country. But I will tell you that there are a whole lot of fans out there that on top of listening to country also like David A and his music. He brings to the table a whole different set of rules that have gotten the attention of many people and fans across many levels of music and genres.
A good portion of our programming is dedicated to Country, but we also play Pop and R&B. Currently playing on FHR Radio is David Cook, Jordin Sparks, Jonas Brothers, Carrie Underwood, Jesse McCartney among others.
The special program will air Sept 1st at 7pm Eastern. Dedicated to David Archuleta and his fans.
David A. was born in my home town and actually lived in the city I currently live at. We have known about David since 2001 way before Star Search and American Idol. So he has come a long way since then. One other reason why we strongly support him.
Due to the American Idol tour going on, David will not be live on our radio station. This is more like a fan type dedication in honor of his accomplishments and the introduction of his current single “crush”
We will try to take fans through a time line of David and his music through the years, starting since 2002 when he sang at the World Trade Center, star search and on to American Idol.

Though we are an internet radio station, we are a fully licensed and authorized radio station. We have numerous agreements with Major and Independent Record Labels both National and International including Sony BMG which operates Jive Records.

We will be gifting 10 Itune downloads during our broadcast. We already gifted 10 Itune downloads previously through Todd who operates and Fanshare lives in my area as well. We recently met up at the southern florida AI concert and talked to Jeff for a while.

The true appreciation of internet radio is that we don’t have to live to the demands of main stream radio such as FM/AM radio. We can bend the rules and though we are what is known as a cross station. Which allows us the opportunity to bring to the listener’s different genres of music.

I hope this helps explain a little about who we are and what we are doing to help support David A and his music.

Station Manager
FHR Radio Entertainment

Here’s the show (with the music edited out) for those who missed it.

Part 1:

Part 2:



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One Response to “Fan Scene Staff Member, Orlando, To Present David Archuleta Special Edition Radio Broadcast Tonight.”

  1. Thank You FHR for the dedication, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Also, thanks to Archuleta Fan Scene for there sponsorship.

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