Cast Members Feel The Love With ‘Crush’ video

By Amy Lott
Source: The Times-Herald

Haygood Coxe

Haygood Coxe

Cast members on a local film set were feeling the love Aug. 19 as
they shot scenes for “Crush,” the first music video from “American
Idol” season seven runner-up David Archuleta.

“It was an honor,” said 20-year-old Katherine Slatery, an actress and
dancer from Alpharetta. “The director was a dream to work with, the
cast had so much fun together and the chemistry between all of us was
so natural.”

“It really felt as though we had known each other for years,” she
said. “I have worked with quite a few artists in my career, and David
is by far one of the most humble and sweet. He was kind and generous
to everyone, and his laugh is so contagious. I just can’t say enough
good things about him and all of his family. I had the most fun I
have ever had on his set that day, and I am very thankful I was able
to be a part of it.”

The shoot, held at picturesque Wynn’s Pond in eastern Coweta, lasted
all day and even drew pop news correspondents from “Entertainment

“This was an exciting opportunity and a very fun experience,” said
video cast member Garret Pennington, 19, of Fayetteville. “David was
great. He is very talented and down-to-earth… In fact, all of the
crew was wonderful.”

And Pennington, who is managed by his mom, Brandi, would know. “This
was not my first experience on film,” he said. “I have done
commercials and have been involved in print work since I was four
years old.”

Pennington said he also recently auditioned for a role in an upcoming
Tyler Perry movie called “Georgia Sky.”

On site at the video shoot were Blackdog Films production crew
members, the young video cast — many plucked from talent and
modeling agencies in neighboring counties — excited mothers and, of
course, Archuleta himself.

The 17-year-old pop/soul/R & B singer from Murray, Utah, whose debut
single — also “Crush” — was made available on iTunes Aug. 12, was
on location to film the video about a group of friends getting
together at a lake house before going off to school, according to
casting director Kay Clark. Among the cast members selected by Clark
were: Slatery and Pennington; Abbey Jayne Moody, 15, from Huntsville,
Ala.; Tyler Parks, 19, from Atlanta; Christine Ko, 20, from Atlanta;
Tricia Carrabba, 21, from N.J.; and Hagood Coxe, 15, from Darlington,

Cast Members of Crush
Cast Members of Crush

Archuleta was already in Georgia for his performance in the “American
Idols Tour” Monday night at the Gwinnett Center.

In May 2008, Archuleta became the runner-up on the seventh season
of “American Idol,” receiving 44 percent of more than 97 million
votes. He then signed a recording contract with Jive Records in June,
according to postings on Wikipedia. It is rumored an album is
scheduled for release in late 2008, following the “American Idols
Tour.” On Aug. 4, Archuleta was a presenter with “American Idol”
winner David Cook at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards, where he won the
Teen Choice surfboard for “Most Fanatic Fans.”

Also featured in the movie “Sweet Home Alabama,” scenic Wynn’s Pond
is located off Fischer Road near Peachtree City.

*The video is rumored to be released September 15th.*


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3 Responses to “Cast Members Feel The Love With ‘Crush’ video”

  1. The girl sitting next to David, is Abbey Jayne Moody. She’s as sweet as she is pretty. I’ve known her forever and can’t say enough good things about her. Oh, but they have her age wrong everywhere, she’s 15.

  2. Thanks for the information/comment! I’ll change her age in the article. 🙂

  3. yea bitches thats my cousin the hot one he gots da crush on!!! yipeeeeee

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