Singing for Mr. Jeff Archuleta

David inspires fans with his music in more ways than we can count!!

Here in her own words Monica (age 14) shares her life impacting experience.

Monica and Mr. Jeff Archuleta

Monica and Mr. Jeff Archuleta

I got to tell David and Jeff how much of an inspiration he is to me and told him that I also sing as well and Mr. Archuleta asked me if I sung to David but David was way too busy so we stayed after and Mr. Archuleta kept trying his hardest to get David but it was way too hard. So when it was finally over he asked us to follow him and I got to sing to Mr. Archuleta. It was awesome, he kept repeating my name b.c. he said he wanted to remember me and look me up and stuff. I would like to thank both David and Mr. Archuleta, they truely made Monday Aug. 25 the best day of my life! Thank You,
– Monica

And here is Monica’s video she made to promote David and Win Backstage passes to meet him!


~ by archuletamusic on September 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Singing for Mr. Jeff Archuleta”

  1. This is so sweet, she is so brave. David and Jeff both are impacting a lot of lives.

  2. Monica, great work! You too are amazing! And I can see you love David! I agree, he is a wonderful role model, for young or older (as I am) ~ he has definitely influenced my life in many ways! Thanks so much for promoting David, Monica ~ I know he would thank you too! 🙂

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