David Archuleta To Record Two Songs In Spanish.

David Archuleta Fan Scene has just learned that David will be recording two songs in Spanish! It is still undetermined whether or not the Spanish language versions of “Angels” and “Crush” will be on his upcoming self-titled CD. Either way, both songs will be available for purchase as digital downloads. We hear David himself will be playing the piano track for the recording of “Angels!” There will be pictures on David’s MySpace blog of him in the studio recording “Angels” in the next few days.


~ by archuletafanscene on September 22, 2008.

31 Responses to “David Archuleta To Record Two Songs In Spanish.”

  1. That’s kind of neat. I didn’t even know that Angels was going to be on his CD.

  2. hey, where’d you hear this? Just out of curiousity.

  3. I was told by someone close to the family. 🙂

  4. how very… vague of you. 😉 I’d be very excited if this were true tbqh but I’m withholding some of my excitement for something official-like.

  5. It’s true. I wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t. Thanks for visiting Fan Scene btw!

  6. You’re welcome! But, like everything else on the internet, I like to reserve my cynicism. Not to say anything about you personally, because obviously I don’t know you from Joe Schmoe on the corner. 😉 I saw a post on another site earlier about a ‘new single from David Archuleta!’ that was pretty obviously not David.

    To recap: Spanish singing David! = awesome; me = cynic

  7. Lol. I understand. I guess time will tell… 😉


  8. YEA! He is my HERO!!!! Gracias, David!

  9. Thank you for sharing with us, very awesome news! I appreciate you letting us fans know, this is incredible and just made Christmas look even brighter for this year.

  10. Thanks for letting us know! That’s so awesome!

  11. Great news! You wouldn’t happen to know when JIVE is going to update David’s MySpace page in general? It’s still a hodgepodge collage of outdated stuff and looks very amateur. Are they waiting til closer to the album release? Cook’s is updated already and looks very professional. I wonder if Team David/Jive also knows how much his diehard fans dislike the “Sears Photo” (and the single cover photo while we’re at it).
    I guess I get nervous about the building of David’s professional image. His album cover can’t look cutesy. His portrait needs to be serious and mature looking, not Disney.
    Rant over. lol

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  13. This is absolutely awesome! It’s an amazing reflection of David’s multi-cultural background. Even though I may not understand a single word from the Spanish songs, I’ll be looking forward to them with all my heart because David’s music speaks out to us in a universal language.

    “Angels” and “Crush” in Spanish – my ears are all ready for this indulgence; can it get any better than this?

    – Larissa, Singapore

  14. You’re all welcome! Thank YOU for being a friend of Fan Scene!!!

    Rob: I haven’t heard anything about Jive’s plans for David’s Official Website. I’ve heard they’re all great people who have David’s best interest at heart so I’m sure they’re working on it and it will be awesome!

    Thanks everyone for commenting!!!! 🙂


  15. Hi Todd, I saw your message at Yahoo Groups. Thanks so much for sharing that information. I can’t wait until this album comes out. It seems like there will be something for everyone either on the album or via digital download. Please keep us posted as you learn new information. Also, I agree, I like what I see so far from Jive…they seem to be a great partner for David. Actually, I think Jive is very, very lucky to have David!

    I don’t know why I haven’t had your space bookmarked but it is now!!!!

  16. Wowzerz… that’s freakishly cool!
    I’d love to hear those songs in Spanish!! haha
    GO DAVID!!!

  17. Thank you kt! I really appreciate your message. I think Jive is lucky to have David too! I will do my best to keep us all posted. Thanks again!!!


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  20. Love the picture of David at the piano. Thanks for the update on David’s music. As they on AI…I think David could sing the phone book — and we would still love it (ha, ha). Seriously, the only words I can ever use when I think of Archey is “Awesome”. I know his fans are waiting anxiously for the CD…but hope they take the time to get it to right for David. And I agree with the one person’s comment…they really need to update his MySpace page to look a lot more “professional” and updated. Thanks for letting me comment.

  21. This is an excellent choice for David. There is a very large Spanish speaking population out there. Luis Miguel started as a teenager and is a pop star now.

  22. That’s exciting news to find out that David will be recording two of my favorite songs in Spanish!!!! Boy, it seems like David is working non-stop to make music!!!!! That’s great for us fans but I hope he is also taking time for himself!!!

  23. I’d better brush up on my Spanish=) That language is so full of heart and passion. It’s perfect for David. I’m sure it’s going to be hot, hot, hot!

  24. Thanks Todd.. I believe you.. I have had the pleasure of meeting David and Jeff two times now and if you are their friends then I know it’s legit. They are wonderful, friendly, humble, honest individuals by what I gather and I am happy you will be working with them! Thank you so much for the news!

  25. evey:

    Thank you for the kind words. Yes, the Archuleta’s are very nice people. I’m glad you got to meet them!!!


    That picture was taken by V. Williams. You can see more of her photography on our Quality Photos Page. 🙂

  26. Wow, I have not seen this site before, it is great.. I love how Lupe left a comment under “about us”That is so great that you have believed in David for years, you must have a ton of neat stories. I watched him on Star Search, but didnt follow him again until Idol.

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  28. Hi Martha,

    Yes! I was so happy to see her comment! I haven’t talked to Lupe for awhile so I was glad to hear from her. She’s always been so nice to me, it’s good to hear from her again!!

  29. EPIC!!!!!!!! Dude Hope he used my translation of Crush!!! because I totally translated it for him in a fan book that was given to him!!!! SWEET…. its nice to know two languages…so i officially know the lyrics of Crush! hahaha… EPIC… although of course it might sound different to what I wrote, possibly….

  30. Fabulosas Noticias, David cantando en espanol!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  31. Paty:

    Gracias. Creo que demasiado. David es desde el norte de Miami y tiene un montón de familiares aquí (en Florida), de Honduras, y en otros lugares, que hablan español!

    (lo siento si mi gramática es pobre, estoy utilizando Google traductor)

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