Larissa Cheong’s Amazing Fan Encounter – Videos of My Meeting with David Backstage.

“Fellow Archies, I’m so touched by all your comments. It’s gratifying to know that my story is a blessing to people. The story is beautiful only because David is beautiful. He truly loves and appreciates his fans. Please continue to support David in his career over the years because his music is what the world needs to be healed and inspired. Thank You and God Bless!”

~Larissa Cheong~

David Archuleta receives and opens International Archies Book

David Archuleta reads the International Archies Book

David Archuleta – Singapore pages of International Archies Book

David Archuleta signs autographs for International Archies

David Archuleta signs more autographs

*Archuleta Fan Scene would like to thank Larissa Cheong for her wonderful story, videos, and continued support for David Archuleta!*

~ by archuletafanscene on September 27, 2008.

7 Responses to “Larissa Cheong’s Amazing Fan Encounter – Videos of My Meeting with David Backstage.”

  1. Hey ! I am the owner of David Archuleta Honduras. I know this is Random but I just wanted to thank you for having the link of my page on yours! thank you soo much! I love this page!


  2. Larrisa you rock!!
    Thank you & thank you again~!!]
    this is amazing~!

  3. I enjoy watching the video. Thank you.

  4. Zully:

    You’re welcome. Thanks for linking back to us!


  5. Oowww…David is so amazing…taking time to see the book…He surely appreciate what you have done Larissa, and I am proud to be one of those on that pages 🙂 … I am sure David feels our love for him while he read the book. Thank you so much Larissa…
    from Srita- Indonesia

  6. OMGOSH!!!! He read my letter!!!!
    I don’t think he particularly liked the collage… but oh well… haha
    I can’t hear what he’s saying though… but he looks sooo adorable eating cookies.
    I’m sorry… I usually not this fan-girly but school’s been really stressfull lately and my mind does weird things when I’m stressed. Not even kidding
    But anyway… THANX 4 Making the book! I know I’ve said this like a billion times already but I’m seriously incredibly grateful. I just…. it’s just…. He’s just……
    Ok… this is getting weird. Haha. Thanx again 🙂

  7. this is awesome!
    my i’m speechless ^_^

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