Jennifer Barry, “I felt this was my one chance to finally get pictures of David…”

To know the significance behind the concert photos I provided to Fan Scene to post here, let me give you a little background.

When arriving in Tulsa, I was utterly dismayed to realize that the camera policy at the BOK did not allow detachable cameras, the camera I had brought with me. I felt after flying 1,900 miles from Portland, Oregon to see David sing again one last time, I felt this was my one chance to finally get pictures of David Archuleta in concert, pictures I was not able to get in Portland. There had to be some way to get my camera through security, but how? Everyone just said, just take it in, security never checks your bag. However, I for one know that security seems to sense me as if I have a blinking light on me saying “I am sneaking my camera in…come and get me”.

That Saturday night, I was in my hotel room and was trying desperately to find a way of hiding my camera in my purse. But, my purse was way too shallow to hide my big bulky camera and I knew my camera would be taken. Then, my angel and savior walked through the door…”Martha”. She had a HUGE bag compared to mine. I asked her if I could put my camera in her bag and I put my amazing zoom lens in my camera along with my small digital camera.

So as Martha and Rika parked the car, I went with Richard and Karla to Will Call. As we were waiting to get in, we started to go through security. Guess whose bag got checked? Yes, mine did. The security personnel asked about the lens I had brought in with me. I simply said it was a lens but that it could not get attached to my small digital. She said ok, and let me through…as I said, security always looks for me. So, after getting past with my lens, I started to panic about Martha getting stopped and not allowed in because she had my camera in her bag. We tried calling her, but she never answered. Next thing I know she is walking up to me…with my camera. I asked her how she got through…she said…”they didn’t check my bag”. See, security has it in for me. I am so glad Martha did not answer her phone. I was almost doing a little dance because I was so excited to know I was going to be getting great shots that night, especially after Richard surprised us all by showering us with amazing seats and backstage passes. Wow, I was meant to get that camera in past security…it was a group effort.

So, I hope that I made you all proud with some of the shots I was able to get after going through all that to get my camera past security. They are all for you to enjoy…to remember this one amazing night and experience forever. Whenever you look back on these photos, I hope you remember all the friends you met, the experience you shared and the knowledge that you witnessed David provide one of the most amazing and utterly breathtaking performances you may ever witness in your lifetime; to know that we were all part of watching David’s dream come true.

*To see more of Jennifer Barry’s photographs visit her page at MediaFire*

~ by archuletafanscene on September 28, 2008.

One Response to “Jennifer Barry, “I felt this was my one chance to finally get pictures of David…””

  1. so Cool to see my story on the site

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