David & Fan Scene Wish Claudia Archuleta a Happy 19th Birthday!

David Archuleta

In this Vlog, David Archuleta talks about filming his scene on iCarly and meeting the cast, his new celebblog at alloy.com, and wishes his sister, Claudia, who turned 19 today, an awesome birthday. David also cautions fans that he only communicates through his Official sites, so if anyone’s been talking to someone claiming to be him on MySpace, Facebook, or anything like that, David says (in one of those Davidisms we’ve come to appreciate), “It’s probably not me. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s not me.” David continues to say, “So you might want to remove them from your list….. unless you’ve made friends with them or something.” Yes, apparently even cyber-impostors get love in Archuletaland! 🙂


~ by archuletafanscene on October 3, 2008.

10 Responses to “David & Fan Scene Wish Claudia Archuleta a Happy 19th Birthday!”

  1. Of course cyberimposters get love in Archuletaland! David is a big bundle of love, especially in that vlog. He seems so giddy!

  2. Yay! A comment, lol. Thanks, Amy. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday, Claudia! Thank You for being an awesome sister to David and for supporting him in what he does! 🙂 God Bless You!

    I like it that David tried to ever-so-gently debunk the things about the cyberimposters. I think he understands that probably some of his fans thought they had personally talked with the real David at other sites and he knew this might be a disappointment to them.

  4. Hi Claudia!! I am Kristin from Malaysia.. you must be suprise? hahaha.. I WANT TO WISH YOU A HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! A praise to you for being so supportive to David.. =) Thank You So Much!! hahaha.. Hope you have a great and HAPPY days in the following days… =) and please do send my regards to Uncle Jeff, Aunty Lupe, Jazz, Amber, Daniel and… DAVID!! =) Keep in touch in the following days… =D

    Regards & Wishes you HAPPY BIRTHDAY,
    Kristin Chai… =)

  5. Happy birthday, Claudia=) I wish you happiness and good health always. You are one of the luckiest sisters in the world to have sweet David for a brother and he’s lucky to have you and the rest of the Archuleta family who are all supportive of his dream. Regards to your Mom and Dad, Daniel, Jazzy and Amber.

  6. Happy, happy birthday Claudia. May the coming year be filled with lots of joy, happiness and love. Hope you have a fabulous day:-)

    Cape Town, South Africa

  7. Happy birthday Claudia. You are the luckiest sister in this world.

  8. Happy Birthday Claudia!
    You are so lucky to be David’s sister! :]
    Hope you had a good birthday!!

  9. I love David’s blogs. He seemed so happy! I hope he has an amazing time with his family this weekend! He deserves it after all the hard work he has been putting into his album!

  10. Birthdays come but once each year
    So I send this message clear
    Happy Birthday, Claudia Dear
    Happy Birthday till next year.
    Hope you had an awesome day.

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