David Archuleta “Crush” Video With Chinese Subtitles

David Archuleta

Fan Scene has received three David Archuleta videos with Chinese subtitles from a fan in China! Harvey, who usually posts his subtitled videos on YouKu.com, uploaded “Crush” and “Smokey Mountain Memories” on YouTube especially for Fan Scene’s viewers. If you’d like to see more of Harvey’s subtitled videos please visit his channel at YouKu.com. Harvey also has a vast collection of subtitled Treble Music videos which can be seen here.

*Update* This is Harvey’s newly edited version of “Crush.” Harvey added this personal message at the end: “A great thanks to Gengen for the advice on the Chinese translation.”


~ by archuletafanscene on October 7, 2008.

7 Responses to “David Archuleta “Crush” Video With Chinese Subtitles”

  1. I can’t find Harvey’s vid on youtube. Can you help me get the link? I need to talk to him about his Chinese subtitles. He translates Crush into an impulsive rush in Chinese which has negative connotations.

  2. Sure! Here’s the link to his YouTube channel. I also have his e-mail address if you can’t get a hold of him that way.

  3. Thanks a lot. I am going to leave him a message now.

  4. You’re welcome. 🙂

  5. Some suggestions:

    Crush could be more accurately translated as “迷恋”, not “冲动” – “impulsive”.

    “And I just got to know” could be translated “我一定要知道”, rather than “我也是刚刚才知道” – “I just found out recently”.

    “When we’re hanging” could be translated “当我们在一起”, not “当我们牵手” – “when we’re holding hands”.

    That said, this is a really commendable effort, translating between languages! Thank you, Harvey!

  6. The text in the top banner “为奥运喝彩” means to cheer for the Olympic Games, probably with reference to the Beijing Olympics. I’m puzzled over the connection with David Archuleta, but then again, David loves the Olympics! 🙂

  7. Sorry about the banner. I had NO idea what it said. That’s too funny about the Olympics though, lol.

    I heard from Harvey. He can’t get on the site from China for some reason but he said:

    “Yeah, I translated “Crush” in to “冲动”(impulse) in Chinese. I had been thinking so long. But I couldn’t find the proper Chinese word
    for it. By now, I don’t know any simple Chinese word that means “crush”(strong feeling of love to someone). So I just chose “impulse”. I can see that it’s not just me who translated it into “impulse”. In fact, I couldn’t find any other version of it in Chinese.

    look at me,
    I didn’t see the whole message.
    Yeah, thanks to her advice!! She’s good at it, isn’t she.
    Now I get a better idea. Please tell her that I really appreciate her help! I would upload the video again with the new translation. I will tell you when it’s done. So you can replace the video.
    Well, I upload several videos each day. I got to find the lyrics and do the translation and edit the subtitle file and then encode the video (not just for one time). So I don’t have much time to do with each video. But I do correct the lyrics from time to time after they are posted. But sometimes it’s hard to take them down and replace them with a better version.”

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