David Archuleta Influences Song Choice on X-Factor – Imagine That

American Idol Judge Simon Cowell selected David Archuleta’s version of “Imagine, right down to the similar guitar track and slight lyric change, for 16 year old Irish contestant Eoghan’s first X-Factor performance. X-Factor contestants are divided by age with one judge serving as mentor for each particular age group. Apparently, David Archuleta’s exemplary AI performance made such an impact on Simon Cowell, he now considers it a standard by which others should be judged. David has set the talent show bar pretty high. How did 16 year old Eoghan’s version of “Imagine” compare to David Archuleta’s? You be the judge.

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~ by archuletafanscene on October 11, 2008.

8 Responses to “David Archuleta Influences Song Choice on X-Factor – Imagine That”

  1. Whoa..I am shocked that Simon would select David’s arrangement of “Imagine” and give it to another 16 year old boy. If I recall correctly, Simon said after David’s performance of “Imagine” on AI that “tonight is going to be depressing I can see.” To which David (who could hardly contain himself) responded to Ryan S., “I never thought of that song as depressing.” (And at that point I knew I would never listen to another foolish remark by Simon again!) From what I just witnessed on this video, Simon with the X Factor is trying to recreate last season’s American Idol with another young, cute teenage boy singing David’s material, but unfortunately (although the boy seems like a nice lad) Eoghan does not have the voice nor the heart nor the maturity of David. There really is no comparison at all. I’m not sure Simon is smart in trying to clone a once-in-a-generation experience.

  2. No comparison, great for his young age but there were no chills, no heart, no spirit filled in the air..it’s an honor though for Simon to select David’s arrangement, what a feelin!

  3. Sweetharmony, all the judges including Simon loved David when he sang Imagine. Well, he did called Imagine a depressing song when a week after that, David sang Another Day in Paradise. Simon is flippant and has lost his credibility since because he has this tendency to nitpick on David for purpose of TV viewing….to drum up interest because we knew from Day 1 that David was the one to beat and this is not good for the ratings if the winner is evident already early in the season.

    This young man from X-factor, no offense against him…but he isn’t even half as good as David. He didn’t connect with the song nor with me just like David did. He lacked the powerful and the depth that made David Archuleta’s performacnce one of a kind. I’m sorry Simon put the bar too high for that boy. Simon may not admit it but David Archuleta set the standard for Season 7 and he wishes to duplicate it. Sorry, Simon, there’s only one David Archuleta

  4. hmm, the boy can sing, i give him that. but he’s no David Archuleta. David has owned that song since that fateful night he sang it on AI. i dont think anyone will ever be able to own that song ever again. it’s his now and always will be.

    PS: i guess i have to send Simon my “Noone sings it bettah than David Archuleta” button pin so he’ll have a constant reminder of this fact.

  5. I found this review about the show…


    And then we come to Eoghan Quigg. The way they bigged him up, without a word of a lie, I turned to my missus and said “what have they got him singing for God’s sake – Imagine, or something?” And guess what, Imagine it was. He stole David Archuleta’s version from this year’s American Idol and murdered it. Ignore the judges’ pleasantries and politeness, no sixteen-year-old from the Irish equivalent of the boondocks can do justice to a song of this stature, and Eoghan was no exception.

  6. that was absolutely no comparison to david’s. no one can EVER do imagine better than david did. that boy seemed very faky with his smiles and looking at the camera the whole time instead of trying to connect with the audience there. and he’s not nearly as cute, humble, and talented as david.

  7. omg…david sang that song with more heart…the guy is good but never as our david..

  8. He actually did a pretty good job. But I agree he did not put the zing in it that David does. I think there will be a lot of copy cat David Archuleta wanna Be’s but that will take more than most people have to give. And it just comes natural for David

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