Don’t Mess With The Arch Angels

David Archuleta

Earlier this month, Billy Costa, the news and entertainment director at KISS 108 out of Boston, allegedly made some comments during the KISS Countdown which had some of the Arch Angels up in arms. An Arch Angel named Ashley, who goes by the IDF handle “Archu-lover,” was offended by Costa’s unkind remarks towards David Archuleta, and she wasn’t going to take it lying down. Ashley made up her mind to email KISS 108 and had this to say:

You don’t even know David, so you shouldn’t judge him. You said that you always want to make fun of him, you want to hurt him, that he was probably shoved in some lockers in school, that he’ll be like Clay Aiken … What’s wrong with you? I speak for all the Arch Angels when I say that David Archuleta is the nicest, sweetest, most angelic person in this world…As you can see, I’m very protective of David, and so are the rest of the Arch Angels, and we won’t let this kind of stuff slip.

Some fans felt Ashley overreacted, and that the tone of her email was a little harsh.
Others took Ashley’s lead and followed suit, sending their own emails to voice their displeasure.
No one really expected Billy Costa to apologize…
They were pleasantly suprised.

Today Mr. Costa made a very classy public retraction to the Arch Angels over the air. According to IDF user Jnglkat, Mr. Costa offered an apology along the lines of

I apologize to David Archuleta Nation. We said a couple pretty stupid things last week. The Arch Angels were in full force, we got the emails. Believe me we got the message. I love David Archuleta. If there was an application I’d sign up to be an Arch Angel. And his song is still climbing the countdown.

Jnglkat followed up on Ashley’s post saying, “So there you go. I wasn’t really sure about the battering DJs with emails thing, but I guess it worked in this case.”

Go Ashley!


~ by archuletafanscene on October 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Don’t Mess With The Arch Angels”

  1. Go ArchAngels! Speak up for your guy and don’t take s**t from anyone!

  2. Oh wow.. Well i dunno.. the best way is just ignore this kind of Dj,though…

  3. All right!!!! I don’t get why the world attacks good, humble, talented and innocent people? Love ya Archie!

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