Hot 99.5 DC Area holds David Archuleta Contest

Hot 99.5 FM located in the Washington, DC area is holding a David Archuleta contest. If you have a question you are just Dying to ask David Archuleta, you can enter the Hot 99.5 video contest and ask your question, mind you, you will also have to sing the entire chorus of his song “Crush”

Hot 99.5 FM for the details: Hot 99.5 Official Site


~ by fhrradio1 on October 13, 2008.

One Response to “Hot 99.5 DC Area holds David Archuleta Contest”

  1. Sorry, but I don’t trust this radio station. I don’t think they are fans of David. I believe this is a ruse to make fun of David and his fans. Remember their DJ, Kane, interviewing David Cook? He asked Cook if David A. is gay. It has been like pulling teeth to get them to play Crush. On their chat, their DJ “Raven” allows people to freely bash David, and she has been quite rude in her interactions with me. So what do they plan to do with these videos? Do they even say? Are they inviting David to come to the studio to answer these video questions? Some of the content of their radio show is inappropriate. David would not approve.
    If anyone has any information to the contrary, I’d love to hear it, but I’m like a Momma bear when it comes to claws come out. So, in my opinion, this radio station is not trying to help or promote our David.

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