David Archuleta Album Reminder

In order to assist in the effort to get as many people as possible to buy the upcoming David Archuleta Album, here is a quick reminder:

The idea is to buy the album. Individual songs do not count towards album sales. Also, it does not count if you buy it before midnight on 11/11/2008.

Graphic Message Credit: Orlando        Bart Credit: (c) Matt Groening


~ by fhrradio1 on October 15, 2008.

7 Responses to “David Archuleta Album Reminder”

  1. yea…i will do it all that things

  2. will all the pre-ordered CD’s from Amazon count – even if ordered before Nov 11??

  3. I have the same concern as marcia. I pre-ordered my album from amazon way back in July. Gosh, I hope it counts.

  4. If you pre-ordered the CD, it should count towards album sales as Amazon will not release it or ship until after 11/11/2008. So you should be ok

  5. haha I love David Archuleta and The Simpsons. I will do everything Bart wrote on the board. I already pre-ordered the CD and I’m going to the record store on 11/11 at 12:00 midnight.

  6. YES! dude, i will do ALL of those things tonight. i can’t find a store that i can get it at midnight…….luv u david archuleta!!

  7. Wal-Mart is open all night depending on where you live.

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