“Angels” snippet from “David Archuleta”

A beautiful snippet of “Angels” from the upcoming album was released on RateTheMusic.com, in a new “David Archuleta Special Music Survey”.  You can download it here.

“Angels” is my favorite song from the AI show. This version a refreshingly different arrangement from the one on AI, and we all know David never performs a song the same way twice. This snippet is giving me chills all over, I love the simple piano accompaniment at the beginning of the song, allowing his vocals to stand out, and the strings building up to the powerful chorus. 

Please go to RateTheMusic.com, register if you haven’t done so, and rate this song.

Thank you, David, for the gift of “Angels” once again!


~ by larissa4david on October 22, 2008.

2 Responses to ““Angels” snippet from “David Archuleta””

  1. Angels is one of my favorite songs period by David. To know it will be on his CD makes me very happy. I love how David’s voice just fills the song in the beginning and I can’t wait to hear the whole song to see what David does with it. I will have to say that hearing David sing Angels in Tulsa was one of the most breathtaking performances ever and he just nailed this song. He put in so much energy, emotion and his vocals were unbelievable. It I had a vote, I would say put a LIVE version of Angels on the CD..that would be unbelievable. That would be my wish…any other takers on that?

  2. Jennifer, I cannot agree with you more. I watched the Angels performance in Tulsa on youtube and it left me breathless. I just love seeing how he immersed himself totally into the song, bobbing up and down at the piano, almost oblivious to the screams from the audience and what not. If this live performance is put on the album, I wouldn’t survive haha! It must have been pure magic for you to watch it live. David is a phenomenal “live” performer, as demonstrated at every stop of the idol tour. To all the folks who once said he had no stage presence: eat your hearts out!

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