David Archuleta Fan Alert

Hi everyone,

My name is Orlando and many of you know that I am station manager for FHR Radio. We are a licensed online radio station. Although we might be only internet based, we are fully licensed just like any other radio station out there and we have numerous agreements with record labels and artists themselves.

Anyways, something very important I want to discuss and that is the song requesting and calling the radio station by fans. I know this point has been mentioned many times in the past but some fans continue to ignore the right way to do it and sometimes they go overboard. Going overboard and taking your ODD to crazy status does not help the artist.

Many sites including IDF, Team Archie, Snarky Archies and even this one, has put out helpful guidelines on how to properly request David Archuleta’s music. Terrestrial Radio Stations which are composed of your local FM/AM stations only take requests from fans (people) in their local market. For example, Z100 in New York, will only accept requests from people in the New York, New Jersey area radio market. So a fan that lives in Georgia for example needs to request the music from a local radio station in Georgia. Calling the radio station out of state or out of market area doesn’t work and it is bothersome to the point where it can cause that particular radio station to drop David’s music altogether. All we are asking is that you please be respectful in the sense that if you want to request David’s music, request it from your local FM/AM station in the city you live in.

Now for out of state or out of market there are options and that’s where internet radio stations such as Yahoo Music, AOL Music, Live FM, XM “Satellite” radio and internet stations do accept out of market requests because they are nationwide.

But please do not bug, continuously call, demand, email, or ask for the DJ or program director if it’s an out of state, out of area or out of market station. You need to request and/or email in a civil, respectful way from your local area stations.

Thanks for understanding 🙂

Station Manager
FHR Radio Entertainment


~ by fhrradio1 on October 22, 2008.

12 Responses to “David Archuleta Fan Alert”

  1. Thanks Orlando for your professional advice. This is new territory for most of us so we appreciate your input. We want to help David and not put any obstacles out there for him.

  2. We are all fans of David, but have had mixed messages from others concerning requesting. The last thing we want to do is to harm David. Thank you for sharing the feelings of DJ’s. We promise to do a much better job of being a fan. Not everyone has been aware of the information that you provided. Thank you for taking the time to inform us. I hope that you will not hold this againts playing David’s single or upcoming album.

  3. Thanks Orlando. I have been trying to do that. When I phone in my request I always say ” may I please request a song. We need to behave as David would. Now that we are aware we can do it. Is there a way to apologize for our lack of knowledge?

  4. Thanks for your advice Orlando, greatly appreciated. The music business is a crazy one and us novices have no clue how things work, obviously. Our goal is to help, not hurt, David.

  5. Your concerns are quite understandable. The music industry is a very complex field with a lot of people involved behind the scenes. We are just trying to guide fans in the right direction so we are able to bring David’s music into homes around the world for years to come. But several DJ’s and radio managers in several US states have voiced their concerns that fans keep calling and calling and demanding (sometimes even to the point of getting mad) when they know they do not live in the area that radio station serves.

    I personally love requests because it helps us decide what music to play, it helps us learn what the public want to hear and who is more popular sorta way. But your local terrestial FM/AM stations work by what are called area markets or broadcast markets. There are 210 designated radio market areas in the United States.

    Z100 in New York for example serves a population close to 2-5 million people and they are already busy enough with the people they serve in their New York/New Jersey area. But they been bombarded by people calling in and emailing and demanding to speak to the manager, the dj or whatnot which in turn ties up their local phone lines, email systems and deprives them of being able to properly serve their local area. I am just using them as an example. It does not necessarily mean the problem is occuring there.

    If you live in Miami, call & request from your local Miami stations. If you live in Chicago, call & request from Chicago area stations. etc

    That is the point everyone is trying to get across. Fans are the backbone of an artist. Without fans basicly there is nothing. Yes, the artist makes the music or sings the music, but the fans are the ones who BUY the music. So the love for the fans will always be there. But with any industry there are rules in order to operate in the most effecient way possible.

  6. Thanks Orland for always giving great advice and for being so helpful!!!

  7. Thank you Orlando for taking the time to explain this to David’s fans. Now knowing the proper way to request his songs will only help him as long as everyone takes your information to heart. Our #1 goal is to be there for David so let’s all do it right.

  8. Thank you Orlando, very helpful for all of us..

  9. Hello Orlando,
    Thank you for taking the time to explain how things work in the radio-requesting world. Like so many of David’s fans, I have never been this envolved in an artist/idol’s music/career before and consequently, I had no idea there were restrictions to who/where I could rquest Crush. I thought since I listen to a particular station on line, I could make online requests to that station. So now I know. I have a question, if you don’t mind, sir. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and there is no radio station in my city, Vallejo (or at least I have not found it on the dial). I have called and make online requests to stations in SF which is about 30-40 miles away. What is considered local? How would I know? I have never receive a response from the stations saying I am out of their area when I call/email them. If I talk to someone, they either say they will see about playing the song and never do, or they aren’t playing it. Is that code for “you are not in our local area”? It’s been about 3 weeks since I have tried calling and I am at the point of giving up. I have yet to hear Crush played on the radio at any time other than the AT40 on Sunday morning. PS: I am always polite and pleasant when calling and requesting. I would appreciate any input you might have, thanks again.

  10. If you do not have an immediate radio station within your city, usually a station that can be heard on your local radio dial is considered local market area. Some radio stations can reach a tri-county area as well.

    In your area, this is helpful list of radio stations for the Bay Area:


  11. Thanks again for the time and information you have given to help David’s fan do the right thing.

  12. I understand it gets annoying.
    I call my local radio station twice a day requesting Crush.
    I make sure it’s two different DJs and it’s at two different times.
    I get that it might get annoying for some radio stations because they have bigger bases of people who listen to them.
    teehee. my local radio station loves me.
    i call all the time. they don’t mind.
    Thanks Orlando

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