David Archuleta and the Green Bay Packers, is there a connection?

David Archuleta

Going back into David Archuleta’s history we come to realize that there is a connection between David Archuleta and the Green Bay Packers and it appears to be the link that launched his musical endeavors.

As Sabrina & Marianne from Sharky Archies explains:

Jeff and I talked a little about the Packers and he said, “You know…..in a way, the Packers are the reason David was on Idol”, he explained. Jeff told me he was a huge Green Bay Packer fan since was about 11, along with his close friend. Like many of us involved with our busy lives, Jeff and his friend had not kept close contact through the years. The Packers won the Super Bowl so Jeff’s “Packer” buddy who he had not spoken in a very long time, gave Jeff a call.

The Archuleta’s were living in Florida but they made plans to get together in Utah. His friend wanted to discuss Jeff’s computer business in greater detail. So, during the meeting, his friend convinced Jeff to try to move back to Utah….and they did! (I think we’ve all heard this next part.) In the process of moving back to Utah…..Jeff found and played a Les Mis video to keep the kids occupied while Lupe was at home unpacking boxes. By the time Jeff came home that evening, from an all day meeting, David had memorized all the songs and was fascinated with it. This is when they realized the amazing talent David had been gifted with! So…Packers win the Super Bowl…old friends reacquaint as a result…and David begins the journey that takes him to American Idol…pretty cool.

Everything happens for a reason.

Jeff Archuleta

Jeff Archuleta

Jeff Archuleta


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