David Archuleta album now available (pre-order) on Itunes

David Archuleta’s album is currently available for Pre-Order on Itunes. Just a reminder: When you purchase the “Whole Album” it also counts as an increase in sales for Crush, even though it’s considered an album sale. Also, if you’ve already bought Crush and choose the “Complete My Album” option, that will actually cause Crush to lose some of its sales status as this option will cause everything to be converted to an album sale.

Our suggestion is, when buying on Itunes, please use the “Purchase the Whole Album” option even if you already have Crush or Angels. Selecting “Purchase the Whole Album” will increase album sales and Crush sales instead of converting it. This is very important to remember in order to keep CRUSH single sales up!!!

Everyone is excited that the David Archuleta album is just around the corner. But sometimes, a small group of people will do things that do not help the artist at all. If you want David to succeed, have bigger and better opportunities, do a tour in a city near you and have the success that you all wish him, PLEASE “BUY” the album. Illegal downloads costs record labels millions each year and it DOES NOT help the artist at all. Already on IDF people are asking for free copies of Angels. Please do not post illegal links or downloads. If you cannot buy it or afford it, we understand; there are people on IDF and even teamarchie.com that will buy it for you and gift it. If it’s not readily available to be gifted, give it a few days. Do the right thing and let’s help David have the success he so deserves.

1. Crush
2. Touch My Hand
3. Barriers
4. My Hands
5. A Little Too Not Over You
6. You Can
7. Running
8. Desperate
9. To Be With You
10. Don’t Let Go
11. Your Eyes Don’t Lie
12. Angels
13. Waiting On Yesterday
14. Falling
15. Let Me Go
16. Somebody Out There (iTunes pre-order bonus)


~ by fhrradio1 on October 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “David Archuleta album now available (pre-order) on Itunes”

  1. Dang! The Philippines has no access to itunes=( I feel like crying…

  2. KathyKat, we can help you with that at Teamarchie.com, there is a thread called the gifting campaign, we have gifted all over the world, we will help you out..thanks:)

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