David Archuleta Alloy blog 10/28/2008 “Radio Daze”

Today, I’m in Chicago, and have started doing radio promo stuff. I started yesterday in San Diego, then went to Seattle, then later to Milwaukee, and now I’m here in Chicago. Next, we’ll be in Pittsburgh pretty soon, haha. Last Friday, I was back in L.A., where I had a photo shoot. The photo shoot was just for some teen magazines, like the ones I’ve done before. It’s amazing how long it can take to just take pictures. I think I was there for like seven hours, and you’d think that pictures wouldn’t take that long, haha. But it takes a while to get what you need. You have to figure out which outfits to wear, and then get in the right mood for the kind of shot you need, I guess.

On Saturday, Michael Johns was throwing a party for his 30th birthday, and so I went with Brooke and her husband. There were a few familiar faces from the show and tour, and it was nice to see them again. Jason, Chikezie, and Cook were able to go too, so it was kinda like a little reunion with everyone, haha. Sunday, we were able to go to church with Brooke’s husband, which I rarely get to do anymore, so that was really nice.

Monday is when the radio promo stuff started, and so I’ll be doing that for a while. That’s where I go to different radio stations in different cities and just talk to them, and meet people who won contests for meet and greet passes, haha. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and I’ve gotten to see a bunch of people who I met during the tour. I’m looking forward to going to the next cities and seeing how it goes, and I’ll let you know how those go next week.

Take care,

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