Larissa Cheong’s International Fan Book Presented to David Archuleta on 08/09/08: See It For Yourself For The First Time!

“David made comments and asked questions on some specific pages in the book, as well as gazed intently at a number of pictures and artwork there. I will not reproduce the entire conversation with David about the book here, so as not to bore everyone haha. If you’re interested in what David asked and said about any country or any page, email me at

~ Larissa Cheong

David Archuleta receives and opens International Archies Book

David Archuleta reads the International Archies Book

David Archuleta – Singapore pages of International Archies Book

David Archuleta signs autographs for International Archies

David Archuleta signs more autographs

Editor’s Note: Archuleta Fan Scene would like to thank Larissa Cheong for her wonderful story, videos, and continued support for David Archuleta! If this is the first time you’ve heard of Larissa and her International Archies Book you can read more here.


~ by archuletafanscene on October 30, 2008.

10 Responses to “Larissa Cheong’s International Fan Book Presented to David Archuleta on 08/09/08: See It For Yourself For The First Time!”

  1. […] David Archuleta on the idol tour in Worcestor, Massachusetts on August 9, 2008 can now be viewed at ARCHULETA FAN SCENE, together with the videos.  Fan Scene also hosts the STORY of my meetings with David on the idol […]

  2. This is wonderful!

  3. Thank you Larissa. I’m glad you included Philippines. I have been wondering if you did include my country. And mentioning that “the best thing about Philippines is the FILIPINOS” is a bomb. It couldn’t get any better.

    You’ve done a great sacrifice for this. I saw David appreciating it and it’s all worth it, right?

  4. Daisy, it’s certainly worth it – every minute, every ounce of energy, every dollar spent on it, or however else you measure it. David has an awesome fanbase in the Phil; I was always confident Phil would feature prominently in the book. It’s not a sacrifice, but a labor of love, first for David, and second for his international fans.

  5. Hey guys,

    I accidentally had the date wrong on this story and the link to Larissa’s story wasn’t working right. That’s what I get for trying to post when I was exhausted, lol. Everything’s correct now. Sorry Larissa!!!!

  6. Thanks so much Larissa and DA Fan Scene for sharing this special moment with the rest of David’s fans. Congratulations Larissa, you did an awesome job with this book. We can see that David really appreciated it.

    David deserves the love and admiration he is getting from all his fans. He really is a beautiful, an amazing human being.

    God bless you all, God bless David Archuleta.

  7. I saw that Larissa’s beautiful book was posted and I was delighted. I had read her story and saw the video back in the summer. But never dreamed I would have a chance to see the pages! Thank you so much for allowing us to see this amazing project.

    Larissa you are a wonderful Ambassador for so many International fans. The story of your journey to meet David made me cry! God bless you!

  8. Larissa!
    I just wanted to let you know that I was able to claim the autograph yesterday. Thank you again so much!

    Thanks for scanning the book as well. It’s amazing!

  9. […] to Larissa Cheong for the heads up, and Amy from Snarky Archies for the MP3’s! Possibly related posts: […]

  10. Larissa, it’s Gabi from Brazil.
    This is SO beautiful. I can’t believe how beautiful you made everything. You must have worked so hard. Thank you for everything you did. Thank you!!

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