Alloy Teen TV to interview David Archuleta on Nov 18th

Alloy Teen Tv, a division of the Alloy Blog that David Archuleta uses is scheduled to interview him on Nov 18th and they want you to ask him a question. Go to the Alloy website for the details and enter your question.

Source: Alloy


~ by fhrradio1 on November 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Alloy Teen TV to interview David Archuleta on Nov 18th”

    how are you doing my name is Travis Collins and I watch you on american Idol and om you tube and I can not wait for you Cd I will buy it at hmv or walmart or zellers but I just woundering you are going ro do your own tour and can you please tour in Prince George BC canada I love to see you at the Prince George CN Centre and do you want to move to Prince George BC CANADA and we can go shopping and hang out at Pine Centre mall do you own Birds too at you house I will talk ro you later bye for now

    From Travis Collins

  2. David I will talk to you later
    Bye for now

    Travis Collins

  3. Hi Travis,

    I’m sorry I had to delete the comment you left with your phone number. If you want to write David, his fan mail address is:

    c/o Azoff Music Mgmt
    1100 Glendon Ave. Suite 2000
    Los Angeles, CA 90024

    Thanks! Todd

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