David Archuleta: Chats From The Past

David Archuleta Street Team

In honor of David Archuleta’s upcoming chat on Z100’s ZVIP Zone on Monday, November 10th from 3:00 – 4:00 PM, I thought I’d share a few chat transcripts from back in the days of David’s Official Street Team. Click on the link below to read the transcripts. 🙂


July 25th, 2004

davidarchuleta_singing = David
polux_tds = Maite
musicchic89 = Claudia
tweetyspal1 = Todd
Studiouk2002 = Wolfe

(In the room: Musicchic89, Polux_tds, TweetysPal1)
Polux_tds: (continuing the earlier conversation) I am from the south of France, near Cannes, city of the International Festival of Films.
(DavidArchuleta_singing joins the chat.)
Tweetyspal1: Hi David.
Polux_tds: Hi.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Hi, this is David.
Tweetyspal1: Thanks for coming David. J
(Studiouk2002 joins the chat.)
Tweetyspal1: Hi Wolfe.
Polux_tds: Thanks David.
Tweetyspal1: Everyone, Wolfe runs the Young Voices of the World website.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Oh.
Studiouk2002: Yes, I am currently doing a links area for all pages and all singers and actors.
TweetysPal1: David, Maite is the girl who made the French fan site for you.
TweetysPal1: Polux is Maite.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Okay.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Yes, I know.
Tweetyspal1: What’s new with you guys? Any new appearances scheduled?
TweetysPal1: You have been keeping busy lately.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Well, Saturday I did the Utah Talent Competition and was a judge. And the Pops Concert was a lot of fun.
TweetysPal1: Who won the competition this year?
DavidArchuleta_singing: There were three groups.
Studiouk2002: So, just so I know: I assume you are all in the same place, wherever that is?
TweetysPal1: We are all in different time zones.
TweetysPal1: It is 8:26 PM here in Florida.
Studiouk2002: Okay.
Polux_tds: Here it’s 2:20 AM.
David Archuleta_singing: The adult category was won by two people who did a duet.
Stuidiouk2002: 1:20 AM here.
DavidArchuleta_singing: 6:20 PM here.
TweetysPal1: Did you have fun being a judge?
DavidArchuleta_singing: It was a lot of fun.
Polux_tds: Lol, I can imagine.
DavidArchuleta_singing: The way you scored was by giving them a score from 10 to 100.
Studiouk2002: Cool, sounds fun.
DavidArchuleta_singing: The lowest score I gave was 30 to a guy who wasn’t serious at all.
Musicchic: Hi David (Sarah.)
Studiouk2002: Well, nice to give something.
DavidArchuleta_singing: The highest score I gave was 100 to a 14-year-old boy drummer.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Hi Sarah.
Musicchic: He was hot.
TweetysPal1: Lol, Claudia.
Studiouk2002: Cool.
Musicchic: He was.
Musicchic: How are you brother?
DavidArchuleta_singing: He has only been playing for two years and was incredible.
Musicchic: Yup, I thought it was three years.
DavidArchuleta_singing: He won the junior category.
Musicchic: David, is mom sitting next to you?
TweetysPal1: David, were you eligible to enter the talent show?
DavidArchuleta_singing: I had to be a judge.
DavidArchuleta_singing: And I won the competition in 2001.
Musicchic: David, will you tell mommy I won’t be home until like 11:30?
Studiouk2002: Sounds like the one from Belgium. I think he was in the Eurovision 03. He was a drummer, and good. He hadn’t played long.
DavidArchuleta_singing: I have been asked, also, to go to the Colorado State Fair and perform.
Musicchic: D.J. tell mommy, okay? I’ve got to go so I’ll see you later.
TweetysPal1: Bye Claudia.
DavidArchuleta_singing: And on the 13th of August to be the MC for another competition in Utah.
TweetysPal1: What was your experience at Abravanel Hall like? It must have been incredible performing with a choir and full orchestra.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Oh, yeah. It was!
Polux_tds: David, do you like your website?
DavidArchuleta_singing: Yes.
DavidArchuleta_singing: All of them.
Polux_tds: Lol, stupid question. I always ask stupid ones.
DavidArchuleta_singing: It’s okay, I ask a lot of dumb questions too.
Polux_tds: Do you think your relatives, friends, etc can be jealous because you sing good and you have fans?
Studiouk2002: Have you seen mine yet?
DavidArchuleta_singing: I have a few friends who have become jealous and don’t want to hang around me anymore.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Some people who were very rude to me have now wanted to sit by me when I went to school and talk to me all the time.
Polux_tds: David, do they ask you to sing every time?
TweetysPal1: Are you going back to public school this year?
DavidArchuleta_singing: Yes, I’m going to school this year.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Since I finally have time.
Polux_tds: Do they want to become your best friends only because you are a little celebrity?
Polux_tds: What do you think about other young singers?
DavidArchuleta_singing: What do you mean by that?
TweetysPal1: Who are you favorites?
DavidArchuleta_singing: My favorites are Natalie Cole, Kirk Franklin, Karen Clark-Sheard, and so many others.
Studiouk2002: Trying to stay up to date,  Joey Pearson is one. Have you heard of him?
DavidArchuleta_singing: He was at the Star Search auditions  for season one with me. We went at the same time.
Studiouk2002: Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. Did you enjoy that?
TweetysPal1: David, from the pictures you looked very comfortable on stage with the orchestra. Is that a direction you might like to pursue some day?
DavidArchuleta_singing: I have always wanted to grow up and keep singing throughout my life.
Studiouk2002: Cool.
TweetysPal1: When is your performance at the Colorado State Fair?
DavidArchuleta_singing: I will probably perform there in September? Not quite sure.
Polux_tds: David, are you afraid of growing up because your voice has to change?
DavidArchuleta_singing: I am a little nervous about my voice change, but I am excited at the same time.
Polux_tds: I understand.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Because I won’t have to worry about my voice changing and I can get used to it with all the time I will have.
TweetysPal1: How do you find places to perform?
DavidArchuleta_singing: Most of the time I am asked to perform.
Studiouk2002: Well it was nice chatting, listening in anyway, with you all, thought I might make an effort.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Okay, nice to talk to you.
Studiouk2002: I’ve got to go, need to catch some sleep.
TweetysPal1: Thanks for coming, Wolfe.
Studiouk2002: Okay.
Polux_tds: Bye bye.
TweetysPal1: I think Wolfe is in England.
Studiouk2002: I am.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Cool.
TweetysPal1: David, what songs have you been performing lately? Are you still singing, Imagine?
DavidArchuleta_singing: I am still performing, “Imagine.” We are going to get more songs though.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Well, I’ve got to go. We have family over because it is a Utah holiday today.
TweetysPal1: Thank you for coming, David.
DavidArchuleta_singing: It was nice talking to you guys.
Polux_tds: Thanks. It was nice meeting you as well.
DavidArchuleta_singing: Talk to you in the next chat.

August 21st, 2004. 8:00 PM Eastern

Basketballvanessa87 = Vanessa
Davidarchuleta_singing = David
Jillywilly0020 = ?
Jspiritman = John E
Mcsexi = Christina
Miamidade5000 = Orlando
Musichic89 = Claudia
Ninabeana2003 = Kathryn
Shaun1440 = Shaun
TweetysPal1= Todd

In the room: jspiritman, mcsexi, musichic89, tweetyspal1

(davidarchuleta_singing joins the room)
jspiritman: Hi David.
tweetyspal1: Hi David.
mcsexi: Hi David, this is Christina.
jspiritman: This is John E.
jspiritman: David, how is the CD coming along?
(davidarchuleta_singing leaves the room)
(shaun1440 joins the room)
(At this point David’s computer was having problems so he is unable to respond. Claudia is trying to fix the problem so David can chat)
musichic89: Hey you guys, David’s going to stay on my screen name for now in case we have any more problems. Here he is.
tweetyspal1: Yay!
musicchic89 (this is David using his sister Claudia‘s screen name): Hi everyone!
musicchic89: Hi everyone, this is David.
jspiritman: Hi David this is John E.
musichic89: Hi John.
tweetyspal1: Hi David, lol.
shaun1440: Hi David.
mcsexi: Hey David, this is Christina.
musichic89: Hi.
jspiritman: How is the CD coming along?
musichic89: Well, we haven’t been able to record lately.
jspiritman: I hope everything is alright.
mcsexi: It would be cool to have a David CD in my collection.
musichic89: My dad has been really busy.
jspiritman: Oh.
tweetyspal1: What about your demo CD? Are you going to release that someday?
musichic89: My demo CD?
tweetyspal1: The full-length versions of the song clips on davidarchuleta.net.
musichic89: Well, that’s just a demo to give people so they know what I sound like and stuff.
tweetyspal1: How are the piano lessons going?
musichic89: I haven’t had lessons for a few weeks since I went to Oregon and Washington for vacation.
mcsexi: Are there any new TV appearances coming up, David?
musichic89: Well, last week I was the Co-MC for The Very Best of Utah competition, but no TV appearances.
tweetyspal1: What was your job as MC?
musichic89: Just talking about random things and introducing the performers.
mcsexi: What movie has everyone seen recently?
tweetyspal1: I watched “Paul the Apostle” on DVD today.
jspiritman: Disney’s “Tiger Cruise” is very good.
musichic89: I haven’t seen either one of those.
tweetyspal1: David, have you heard about the new Disney film, “Sky High?”
musichic89: Not really.
jspiritman: “Tiger Cruise” is a movie inspired by 9-11.
musichic89: I guess I kinda heard about it.
musichic89: Sky High.
(jillywilly0020 joins the room)
jillywilly0020: Hey there!
tweetyspal89: Would you consider submitting your song, “Dream Sky High,” for the soundtrack?
musichic89: What is it about, “Sky High?”
jillywilly0020: When is David’s CD coming out?
tweetypal1: “Sky High” is about teenage superheroes.
mcsexi: “Sky High” sounds interesting.
musichic89: I don’t think it is right for it.
jillywilly0020. I want to hear the entire “A Moment Like This.”
tweetyspal1: When do you start back to school?
musichic89: I start school August 30th.
jspiritman: They’ll probably use Billy Gilman’s “There is a Hero” for the movie.
jillywilly0020: Which movie?
musichic89: That song is a bit too old.
mcsexi: David, which unsigned young singer would you like to do a duet with?
jillywilly0020: What movie are we talking about?
jspiritman: “Sky High.”
musichic89. Hmm..
jspiritman: It’s not out yet.
musichic89: Probably Spensha Baker.
tweetyspal1: Yes, she is good.
shaun1440: What’s an unsigned young singer? As in doesn’t have a record deal?
mcsexi: Yup.
jspiritman: Shaun, yes.
shaun1440: Ahhh…thanks.
jspiritman: David, are you looking forward to school?
musichic89: Yes.
(davidarchuleta_singing joins the room)
davidarchuleta_singing: Hey, this is Claudia.
mcsexi: Oh now that’s funny!
davidarchuleta_singing: We have another computer working.
tweetyspal1: Okay, good.
shaun1440: David is now David? And Claudia is…?
musichic89: Me!
tweetyspal1: Yay!
mcsexi: Do you feel like yourself now, David?
jspiritman: Lol!
davidarchuleta_singing: Yes!
musichic89: Hee hee.
tweetyspal1: David, when is your appearance at the Colorado State Fair?
davidarchuleta_singing: September 4th I think.
mcsexi: Hey David, when are you visiting Motown?
davidarchuleta_singing: I don’t know.
musichic89: How old is everyone? If you don’t want to say your age that’s okay.
shaun1440: 15.
musichic89: Cool, another 15-year-old.
jspiritman: Almost 45.
mcsexi: I just recently turned 24.
davidarchuleta_singing: 13.
shaun1440: Wow, diversity.
mcsexi: Well, I guess you can say that David is loved by all ages.
shaun1440: Big fan-base David, good for you.
mcsexi: David, what are your techniques for singing, like do you do warm-ups or drink a certain liquid to keep your voice fresh?
davidarchuleta_singing: I do lip rolls, tongue trills, Seth Riggs stuff, and I drink water.
shaun1440: They must work, you have quite the amazing voice.
tweetyspal1: I wish I could sing like that!
davidarchuleta_singing: Lol!
jspiritman: I wish I could sing period.
shaun1440: I bet it even sounds good when you yell at your sister.
davidarchuleta_singing: Thanks.
davidarchuleta_singing: I can’t really yell.
mcsexi: Yeah, that would ruin his voice.
jspiritman: I can’t picture David yelling at anybody.
davidarchuleta_singing: It’s really hard with a paralyzed vocal chord.
shaun1440: Who has a paralyzed vocal chord?
musichic89: David.
tweetyspal1: Is the therapy helping you?
mcsexi: How did that happen?
shaun1440: Wow. Sorry to hear that, I didn’t know that.
jspiritman: Yeah, I didn’t know you had a paralyzed vocal chord.
davidarchuleta_singing: The night I won Star Search I got sick and was throwing up and had bronchitis for a month.
jspiritman: Ouch.
shaun1440: Wow, that far back?
mcsexi: How horrible.
davidarchuleta_singing: And the doctors who are Barbara Streisand’s doctors said a virus probably got in them.
shaun1440: So…what’s the prognosis? Can you sing?
mcsexi: Hey David, Did you ever catch that Bravo show, “Show Biz Moms and Dads?”
davidarchuleta_singing: Yes, I did.
mcsexi: What did you think?
jspiritman: David, are you having a problem singing?
davidarchuleta_singing: I thought “Show Biz Moms and Dads” was funny.
(basketballvanessa87 joins the room)
davidarchuleta_singing: I am having a pretty hard time but if I turn my head to the right I can go pretty high.
basketballvanessa87: Hello!
musichic89: Hello Vanessa!
davidarchuleta_singing: Hi!
davidarchuleta_singing: Vanessa is my cousin everyone.
jspiritman: Oh cool.
tweetyspal1: Hi Vanessa.
basketballvanessa87: Hey room I’m David’s cousin from Florida.
mcsexi: Hi Vanessa, nice to meet you. I’m Christina.
basketballvanessa87: Hi room. Hi David I miss you. How are you?
davidarchuleta_singing: I am fine.
basketballvanessa87: I love you David! How is everyone?
musichic89: This is not Claudia this is Becky, David’s friend.
davidarchuleta_singing: My friend took over my sister’s name.
(ninabean2003 joins the room)
ninabean2003: Hello.
davidarchuleta_singing: Hi ninabeana.
basketballvanessa87: Who’s Becky?
musichic89: I live across the street from David’s old house, remember?
davidarchuleta_singing: Remember when you came over here she came over a few times?
davidarchuleta_singing: Did anyone watch American Idol? Jennifer Hudson was my favorite.
tweetyspal1: I liked Jennifer too.
mcsexi: I don’t really watch those types of shows.
davidarchuleta_singing: Jennifer did great on almost all her songs.
mcsexi: Well I watched all the auditions.
davidarchuleta_singing: You don’t watch them mc?
davidarchuleta_singing: Jennifer is great.
davidarchuleta_singing: My three favorite singers are Natalie Cole, Jennifer Hudson and Karen Clark-Sheard.
davidarchuleta_singing: You check them out everyone!
tweetyspal1: I’ve never heard of Karen Clark-Sheard.
davidarchuleta_singing: You should listen to her!
tweetyspal1: Does she have a website? I would like to hear her
davidarchuleta_singing: She is a Gospel/Christian R&B singer.
davidarchuleta_singing: Well, thanks everyone for your support. I have to get going soon. I have to vocalize.
jspiritman: Take care David, I hope your vocal chord heals.
shaun1440: Thanks for the chat.
davidarchuleta_singing: Thanks everyone!
tweetyspal1: Okay David, thanks for coming.
davidarchuleta_singing: You’re welcome.
musichic89: I have to go too you guys. See you later.
tweetyspal1: Bye Claudia.
Mcsexi: Goodnight Claudia and David.
musichic89: See ya.
jspiritman: Take care Claudia.
tweetyspal1: Thanks everyone for coming out to support David. I’m glad everyone got to meet him and Claudia. See you next time!

January 8th, 2005

Davidarchuleta_singing = David
Pigsrock17 = Katie
Studiouk2002 = Wolfe
Jspiritman = John E
Fl02nd04torchrelay = ?
Polux_tds = Maite
TweetysPal1 = Todd

Davidarchuleta_singing – Hi!
Pigsrock17 – Hey David!
Davidarchuleta_singing – Sorry I’m late.
Tweetyspal1 – You made it! Are you at the library?
Davidarchuleta_singing – Yes, I am.
Davidarchuleta_singing – We had to wait because [the computers] were all busy.
Studiouk2002 – Hi David
Davidarchuleta_singing – We have ‘til 5:19 Mountain time to chat.
Jspiritman – Hi David.
Davidarchuleta_singing – Hi.
Jspiritman – Cool, 20 minutes to chat.
Davidarchuleta_singing – How is everyone?
Pigsrock17 – Good, and you?
Studiouk2002 – Fine apart from the weather.
Jspiritman – I heard your vocal chords are 100% now.
Jspiritman – I was very glad to hear that.
Davidarchuleta_singing – Well,
Jspiritman – Can you riff as good as ever?
Davidarchuleta_singing – Where did you hear that I am 100%?
Jspiritman – Well, they didn’t say 100% but that it what I gathered.
Davidarchuleta_singing – Oh.
Davidarchuleta_singing – I can riff a lot better, I just can’t riff high.
Tweetyspal1 – David, I was telling them I saw a clip of you at Abravanel Hall and I thought your voice sounded as good as ever. Maybe that’s where the 100% came from.
Studiouk2002 – What’s “riff”?
Davidarchuleta_singing – Umm.
Davidarchuleta_singing – I don’t know how to explain it.
Studiouk2002 – Okay.
Jspiritman – “Riff” is singing loud and long, right?
Davidarchuleta_singing – No.
Studiouk2002 – It’s a USA word.
Davidarchuleta_singing – It’s a lick, or a run.
Davidarchuleta_singing – Like Christina Aguilera. She does tons of that stuff.
Studiouk2002 – Okay, I get the pic.
Pigsrock17 – Yeah, me too.
Jspiritman – Orlando was here but had to go to work.
Davidarchuleta_singing – Oh.
Jspiritman – David are you guys still working on your first CD?
Davidarchuleta_singing – I am not sure what direction I want to go in music for the CD, like popular music or something like that.
Pigsrock17 – David how are Daniel and Claudia?
Davidarchuleta_singing – Daniel and Claudia are doing just fine.
Davidarchuleta_singing – And as crazy as ever.
Tweetyspal1 – David are you still taking piano lessons? How is that going?
Davidarchuleta_singing – I am still taking piano lessons. I am only on level 3 in piano lessons though.
Pigsrock17 – That’s cool
Davidarchuleta_singing – I am also working on “Root Beer Rags” step by step.
Jspiritman – How many levels are there? As you can see, I’m musically illiterate.
Davidarchuleta_singing – I’m not sure how many levels there are in the piano books.
Jspiritman – I hope your mom and dad are doing well.
Davidarchuleta_singing – My dad is in Las Vegas right now doing some business stuff.
Davidarchuleta_singing – My mom says Hola!
Tweetyspal1 – The last time we heard, you were doing some lessons over the phone with Seth Riggs. Are you still doing that?
Davidarchuleta_singing – I am still having lessons with Seth. He is an awesome vocal coach.
Davidarchuleta_singing – He has been helping me get into my head voice and gotten me into falsetto.
TweetysPal1 – I guess he writes books too. I saw one at the book store yesterday when I was looking at books on guitar.
Davidarchuleta_singing – Oh, he does have a book on the voice.
Fl02nd04torchrelay – Hi David.
Polux_tds – Hi David!
Davidarchuleta_singing – Hi.
Fl02nd04torchrelay – So Davis IS here.
Fl02nd04torchrelay – Well, heard him sing. Great voice.
Polux_tds – David you are supposed to tell who wins [the fan art contest].
TweetysPal1 – Well not exactly. Remember I told you there’s a surprise twist to the contest.
Polux_tds – I can’t wait.
TweetysPal1 – David do you want me to tell them?
Davidarchuleta_singing – Everyone did a great jog with the artwork, and I guess you can Todd.
TweetysPal1 – Well, David liked them all, so he wants to give everyone who made something for him an autograph.
Davidarchuleta_singing – Yeah, everyone will get one.
Jspiritman – What does the winner get?
TweetysPal1 – I’m going to print out everyone’s favorite artwork that they made and send them to David to sign.
Pigsrock17 – David that’s nice of you to give everyone one of your autographs.
Fl02nd04torchrelay – How old are you now David?
Davidarchuleta_singing – My birthday was on December 28th so I’m now 14.
Pigsrock17 – Oh, happy belated birthday David!
Fl02nd04torchrelay – Happy birthday.
Davidarchuleta_singing – Thank you.
Studiouk2002 – That reminds me I must change his age on David’s page on YVS.
TweetysPal1 – YVS has a great page for David
Pigsrock17 – David any new performances?
Davidarchuleta_singing – I just had a performance this last Monday for the governor here in Utah.
Davidarchuleta_singing – I sang the National Anthem.
Pigsrock17 – That’s cool, the governor.
Jspiritman – Wow, that’s awesome.
Studiouk2002 – Cool.
Fl02nd04torchrelay – So David I heard you sang for the Boys & Girls Club in Florida and Kathleen (pigsrock17) was dancing to it.
Davidarchuleta_singing – Oh yeah I did sing for the Boys & Girls Club.
TweetysPal1 – Katie danced her little heart out that day.
Pigsrock17 – David you were great that day. We still talk about it.
TweetysPal1 – Hopefully some day David can come back to the brand new club. All the clubs in the county will want to come see him this time.
Davidarchuleta_singing – I would love to come back to the Boys & Girls Club.
Davidarchuleta_singing – Well, I have to leave in 5 minutes.
TweetysPal1 – Ok David.
Jspiritman – I was just thinking about your time left.
Fl02nd04torchrelay – See you guys.
Pigsrock17 – Bye David.
Polux_tds – Bye David!
Davidarchuleta_singing – Bye.
TweetysPal1 – Thanks David! Thank you Lupe!!!!!
Davidarchuleta_singing – You’re welcome.

To See Our Photos From This Time Period CLICK HERE


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16 Responses to “David Archuleta: Chats From The Past”


  2. Thanks so much for posting, Todd! This is SOOOO cool! Goodness!

  3. David has been through a lot to get to where he is now. I hadn’t really grasped this idea until now. Thank you for these chats. I congratulate David for his courage, determination and hard work. He is one of the most inspiring teenagers I have ever heard of. I look forward to listening to his incredible voice for many years to come. Que Dios lo bendiga siempre. (May God bless him always)

  4. W00t! So this is what it’s like talking to David! But lol, he seems so serious… hopefully he seems more cheery after 3 years haha.

  5. Wow! I had soooo much fun reading every single line of the transcripts. Even at 13 or 14 y/o, David showed a distinct maturity way beyond his years. I love that he was so serious about music and singing LOL! If I had been on those chats, I would not have been able to type anything becoz I wouldn’t know anything substantive to converse with David or ask him intelligent questions. Sigh…

  6. Yeah, haha. I was worried about that too. Thank goodness for Maite!

    Polux_tds: Lol, stupid question. I always ask stupid ones.
    DavidArchuleta_singing: It’s okay, I ask a lot of dumb questions too.

    That made me feel more comfortable as the moderator. 🙂

  7. Those are memories from back in the day. Although I was not at that specific chat, I was a member of the street team and took part in the many things it had to offer. Todd did a great job in running the Street Team.

  8. Awww…really? That’s him chatting? Whoah…that’s just FUN. Oh…How I not came here for 3 days?!? That’s ridiculous. *shrug and very sad face here*

    Well, all good. I should be happy knowing that David’s stuffs are all fine. Got to love him more.

  9. OMG…where’s my previous thread?

  10. Oh…there it is. Oh…can’t wait for 11/11.

  11. I am even more impressed with David after reading these chats, what a great sensitive mature young man. So ensightful and serious about his beautiful music.

  12. Yeah, Orlando, you were at the second one but you had to go to work before David got there! I only transcribed the chat after he showed up. Hey, do you want to go to the show at Sunrise?

  13. Yeah unfortunately I had to run out to work like most times. You bet, Sunrise here we come!!!

  14. […] Toddさんが、今度Z100で実施予定のデヴィッドのチャットに絡めてFanSceneに3回分のチャットをすべて11/3にアップしていますので、みなさん、既にご存知かもしれませんね。 […]

  15. does david read this

  16. i really like him AND I REALLY wanna go out him if he’s reading this hey David i really think you shoulda won idol but you got to the final 2 you were that good and my best friend Christina loves you and so do i

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