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Hey all. The radio promo tour has been going great. It’s been fun going from city to city and seeing what they’re all like. I’m in Boston right now, and tomorrow is the last day of the radio promo tour. It’s been crazy bouncing around everywhere, though! Today we went to three states, haha. There’s been some cool things that have gone on while on tour.

When were in Ohio, I visited an all-girls school after they won a contest for which school could raise the most pennies for a cancer charity. I visited the winning school, which was Seton High School (Awesome job again to all the girls there! Thanks for having me and for raising so many pennies!), and answered questions students had. What’s cool is they raised 64 jugs of pennies, so I thought that was really cool of them to raise so many for a good cause. I think they said there were like 560 girls, and they had sooo much energy! Haha. They played “Crush” before I came out, and they were all singing along! It was so weird, but really cool at the same time. While I was on stage, they made me do this dance called the Wiggle-O or something that they always do I guess. It was so much fun there. And it was crazy with over 500 girls! Haha. I’ll load some of the group pictures I took with them. But anyway.

The radio promotion stuff has been fun, haha. The album is out on pre-order now in iTunes! And people are already able to get a song from the album before it officially comes out, which is “Angels.” It’s a slightly different vibe from how I’ve done it before, but not a whole lot. It’s one of my favorite songs, so it’s cool to have that as the cover song on the album. You can also get the pre-order bonus track, which like disappears after the release date, haha, and it’s one I co-wrote! So that’s pretty exciting to have there. I wonder what people will think of it, LOL.

But anyway that’s all the rambling I’ll do for today. Hope you guys enjoy “Angels” for now and the CD later on.



~ by archuletafanscene on November 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sweet Charity – David Archuleta Alloy Blog”

  1. Don’t you get the impression that David really had a great time at the girls school? Awwww… That makes me happy.

  2. I go to Seton and David was amazinggg!
    Best day of my entire life!(:

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