David Archuleta Performs Live for AOL Sessions!


David Archuleta performed live at the AOL Sessions in Beverly Hills yesterday. He did the five following songs:

1.) My Hands
3.) Touch My Hand
4.) Crush
5.) You Can

David’s AOL Session should be out about the same time as the CD release, around November 11th. This was the first time David has ever performed any of these songs other than Crush, which he only did once at Ford Day. David only had 5 rehearsals with the band before this AOL Session, and tonight he will be performing Crush with his band on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


~ by archuletafanscene on November 6, 2008.

14 Responses to “David Archuleta Performs Live for AOL Sessions!”

  1. Oh my goodness! This is so exciting! EEP! Thanks for reporting this, Todd!

  2. […] für AOL Session – David performte 5 Songs Wie Archuleta Fan Scene berichtet, hat David am gestrigen Mittwoch für AOL fünf Lieder live mit seiner Band performt und […]

  3. […] David Archuleta performed live in Beverly Hills yesterday for AOL Live Sessions according to this site. His performances will debut around the time of the album release–11/11. He performed: […]

  4. OMGGGGGG.. I think AOL Sessions will be the death of me! I love all those songs….and Barriers and Your Eyes don’t Lie…heck..I think I’ve gone crazy and don’t know what planet I’m on!! lol

  5. can someone tell me how to see/listen to AOl Sessions?

    Thanks, Jennifer Barry

  6. http://music.aol.com/sessions/latest

  7. jennifer – you go to http://music.aol.com/sessions/latest and then look for this name – probably under D for David instead of Archuleta. But it won’t happen until next week.. probably on 11/11 the day his album drops!

  8. I can’t wait for these to be up! Haha thanks Todd! 😀

  9. are we sure this happened…anyone know when it will be up?

  10. I’m sure it happened. I was told it would be up around the 11th. Today’s the 18th. Still waiting…

  11. still waiting for aol sessions – anyone hear when it will be on?

  12. Really, did aol session happen?! i searched aol’s website and there’s only his crush video, not a live session…

  13. Can’t wait….to see him on aol.

  14. […] AOL Sessions: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait Just like Fan Scene first reported on November 6th, David Archuleta recorded 5 live songs for AOL Sessions and they’re finally […]

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