Falling: The Song David Wrote

I think I’m looking forward to hearing this song more than anything on the album.

Falling Snippet

by iluvlife as posted on IDF:

Just to put to rest the speculation concerning this song, I have some insights that I think are important for you all to be aware of. First, the story about this song is that it is about someone else, not him personally. He had been going through a phase where he just didn’t know what to write about although he was encouraged to practice and experiment with writing from the very first meetings with people in the record business. He would sing his own melodies and such, but just couldn’t come up with a complete song and especially felt inadequate towards lyrics. His dad kept trying to encourage him to try even if it didn’t sound perfect to him, as it was all part of the learning process and he needed to exercise his abilities so in the future it would be easier for him. When they met with the first record labels back when he was 11 (season 1 finale time period), they all said that he should learn to play an instrument (or 2) and also learn how to write songs because that was what a true artist does. When he was 14, he had already been through Star Search and was going through that difficult time of the vocal paralysis when he wasn’t sure how long it would be before he might be able to sing again, and he still had yet to write a complete song with both melody, lyrics, chords, etc. This was the first song he ever wrote and as such, is a very important representation of who he is as an artist and is an incredible example of what I think will come in the future when he has some more influence with the label to do more of his own music. I can imagine it being extremely difficult for him and his dad to try and convince the label that they should put songs by David ahead of ones written by superstar songwriters, and also can imagine how timid David is to insist on things that are possibly in his best interest but he doesn’t want to rock the boat, nor does his Dad.

The story of Falling was based on an actual tragedy of a relative of a relative, not a direct relative of David’s, but a young 21 year old girl who had committed suicide at a family gathering. He was very moved and upset that someone could feel so depressed that they would be willing to carry out ending their own life, and as morbid as this sounds, it was also the catalyst that motivated him to come up with his first complete song. He just felt inspired to try and imagine the feelings she must have been going through, so to clarify, this is not autobiographical but instead is an attempt to try and understand and feel what someone contemplating their own worth must have felt like. To me it is a genius lyric, I have been one of the lucky ones to have heard the whole thing. You will all be totally amazed at the word choices and depth of this song both lyrically and musically. I personally feel this is the most important song on the entire album to show who David is as an artist, and the beautiful arrangement was done under the direction of his dad and some of his dad’s musician friends in Utah. From what I understand, when they were in Utah for a few days, they went and recorded it one day live with the piano person, then a couple of days later after getting the track completed, his dad stayed up til like 3 in the morning with the mixer person and one of the producers to make sure they got it all right. Jeff was very particular about all the little nuances that needed to be in this one as it was the one song that would be totally David on the album and he wanted it to be just right so they spent hours tweaking things that the producers didn’t originally hear or understand about the feeling that needed to be conveyed through the song. The producer who played the keyboards and did the string arrangement during the bridge was the person who wrote the song “Prayer of the Children” which is one of the most beautiful songs ever written, IMHO… It is performed a lot by choral and a capella groups and is always a very solemn song as it also has a very profound background and meaning.

Anyway, just wanted to clear that all up. You will notice an interesting twist at the end of the song as well. More to come once it is released…….


~ by archuletafanscene on November 9, 2008.

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