CD & Syonara

Today I’ve decided to change my life. David’s CD has finally hit the shelves after all these years and it’s time for me to move forward. I love doing what I do promoting David but I can’t run Fan Scene by myself any longer. I don’t have readers contributing content. I don’t have on the spot reporters sending me event pictures from their cell phones, etc. It’s too time consuming anymore and I know David will be just fine without Fan Scene. I worry about this site so much I hardly eat or sleep. My friends and family have been concerned. To everyone who tried to help me keep my site from failing, thank you. To the friends I made along the way, you made it all worth it. To David and his family, I wish you the best of everything and continued success.



~ by archuletafanscene on November 11, 2008.

46 Responses to “CD & Syonara”

  1. Wow, that was random!

  2. TODD. <33333 you’re amazing. and i am very sad. 😦 but. *hugs*

  3. I love Fan Scene and I will miss it dearly. And Fish Soup for the Soul and the Adventures of Squiggly Pig. You have put so much work into promoting David over the years, you are truly an amazing person. I’m quite sad, but I understand completely. 😦

  4. Todd. I am so sorry to see this site go away!! I really admire all you have done for this site and continue to do for David. You are amazing and I appreciate all the hard work and dedication it takes to keep a site like this running, especially by yourself. I hope we can stay in touch as I have enjoyed our chats and emails and hopefully one day we can meet in person. YOU are an inspiration to us all that if you believe in something, it can turn into something beautiful and very rewarding and in this case, you believed in a very young kid who aspired to be a singer and he followed his dreams and now…he will forever be a name that will stop people in their tracks and all it took was people like you to believe in someones dream. THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU TODD!!! WE LOVE YOU

  5. i have been a lurker of all of david’s fansites, including fanscene…getting my daily dose of everything david. will definitely miss coming to this site. thanks for everything that you’ve done.

  6. Thanks everybody. It makes me sad too. Cheryl worked her tail off in the beginning but it got to be too much for her. Orlando has done his best to take Cheryl’s place but he has a very demanding job and his free time is limited. I’ve been trying to build a team of contributors but it hasn’t worked out the way I hoped it would. I really feel like I accomplished what I set out to do. David has a CD out now and he’s on his way. 🙂 I’ve been offered the chance to move over to another fan site with a lot more contributors and I am considering it. Squiggly Pig has to live somewhere, lol! Right now I just need some “me time” to get my ducks back in a row. I love promoting David more than anything but I also need to consider my own future. I’ll keep this site online for archive purposes until it’s time to renew. You guys who took the time to get to know me all have my email address or phone number remember, I’m leaving the site, not my friends. 🙂


  7. Todd..I will follow where you go…just let us know where…hint hint..hint…

  8. Please just know that we love all your surpport for david. i really just vote and request for crush so i don’t really have time to comment.

  9. i lurk at all the fansites and i will miss checking in here…..but life has many twists and turns….thank you so much for your commitment to helping to promote this kid prodigy that, because of people like you and tireless dedication, will soon be a world superstar…..ahhh, david, we knew you when……i have never talked to you personally, todd, but orlando joins us in chat quit often at archuleta avenue, we’d loooove it if you would join us sometime….best of luck during your time away…thank you for loving and sharing that love of david!!

  10. Todd, thanks for keeping up with this fansite. I know how hard it must be for you to have a life and to help promote someone like David on a day to day basis. You have done a great job. I too need to concentrate on my personal life especially now that David has finally reached his dream. I will continue to support David in any way possible! Best of luck!

  11. You supported David from the very beginning, years before most of us heard of him. Surely the Archuleta family must be grateful. You put together a nice site and did a great job. If Jive creates an official site with forums it may cause further consolidation of fan sites. Let’s hope at one place or another the fan communities stay in touch.

  12. I’ve lurked and watched with amazement at what you have put together on this site. I think it was only today that I realized that you do all this so much on your own! I am in awe of all the fansites and completely understand how it must have worn you down – it’s been such an amazing journey. So, thank you, and all the best as you rest and enjoy the fruit of your labor. Please jump in somewhere as you obviously still have much to contribute to David and his fans.

  13. Thanks, Todd.

  14. Todd…I am sad for us but totally understand. You have a classy website and I enjoyed it very much. You are smart to take some time out…but I sure hope to see you on another site…and of course Squiggly Pig! That saying about friendship being for a reason…a season… or a lifetime..can be used for a fansite…thank you for this wonderful Season….May God bless you in whatever you do! I will miss this “home”.

  15. Awww that sucks 😦 This place was one of my favorite places! Well I’ll miss fan scene! best of luck 😀

  16. I understand.I will miss fanscene.Even if I dont post here often I always go here first to check on the latest news about David before lurking in Idolforum.Thank you Lisa!I wish you all the best.

  17. Todd, I too have been a frequent lurker on your site since discovering it through Snarkies. Thank YOU so much for all of the hard work and dedication you’ve devoted to David. We are all so lucky that he’s had wonderful people like you to support him in his quest to share his love of music with the world. Clearly, he’s now well on his way, but having you in his corner was important during those years when he wasn’t so well positioned. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. And, if you do decide to stay involved in David’s amazing journey, I’m sure there are many fansites out there who’d be thrilled to have your involvement! Take care and thanks again!

  18. Thank you Todd. Best wishes 🙂

  19. This is extremely sad for me. This is one of the most attractive, best run sites that David has. It doesn’t bow to the teens and tweens like so many of them and is not silly but a good place for mature fans to find refuge. I understand your weariness and wish there was some way to alleviate it for you. God bless and I wish you all the best. Thanks for providing this wonderful place for us.

  20. no! why!!!! ill promote this site to keep it from failing! why?!!!!!!!! no! rethink about this!

  21. I’m so sorry to see this site go! It’s definitely been my absolute favorite fan site, even more than his Myspace page because it has so much fun information! I will certainly miss doing my daily hobby of reading this posts on this site and seeing what David has been up to 😦 Good work though, you’ve done a wonderful job with the site!

  22. Hi Todd,
    I just discovered this fan site and just started to get into everything here. I’m so sorry to hear you will be shutting down. I hope you might change your mind and return. Thank you for all you have done. I’m sure David and his family are appreciative of all your efforts. May God Bless You!!

  23. Thanks for all you have done. You can be really proud of what you have done here.

  24. Todd, you’ve done so much for David! I’m very sad to read this; I’m in tears. I love Fan Scene and visit everyday for my daily David news. But I understand your predicament, because I’m sortof a kindred spirit too. It’s amazing that you’re running this site on your own all this while! I’m so sorry I was unable to contribute more to Fan Scene. I won’t say more here; I will drop you an email. All The Best, Todd! Have a good rest!

  25. This is one of my favorite David Archuleta Fan sites. I didn’t participate much but I visit this page every day. It just feels “weird” that today, November 11th, a day of celebration for David and for his fans, one of the best David Archuleta fan sites will not longer be part of his successful musical journey. It’s weird and sad.

    But at the same time I understand your reasons. I wish I would have known what was going before. Maybe I would have been able to help in some way; maybe other David’s fans would have done it too. I think David Archuleta fans are amazing! We really love him and we are doing whatever is possible to support him in every single way.

    Todd, I want to thank you for everything you have done, for David, for his family, and especially for us, David’s fans. I wish you the best. And I really hope to see Squiggly Pig again soon.

    Thank you!! Gracias! God bless you!

  26. Aww Todd. Thank you so much, you’ve contributed so much to helping David, and I’ll sorely miss FanScene. I’ll always follow you too (hint…hint) LOL
    I completely understand your situation, and I wish I could help more.
    Thank you for so much you have done, I know everyone appreciates it.

    PS- I feel like this is your funeral. :O

  27. Todd, I won’t do any persuasion or something. BUT, I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT THE HARD WORKS YOU PUT HERE WERE AND ARE GOING TO BE APPRECIATED. Thank you so much. I’ve been commenting here for sometime. I’m tearing up.


  28. […] at Team Archie are very shocked and saddened by this news. Sandra is spot-on in her comment that on November 11, a day of celebration and rejoicing for David and his fans, it is ironic and […]

  29. Well it goes to say – you don’t realize what you are missing until it is gone.
    Todd – I have loved your site and frequently lurked and only in the last few weeks started to post. and wished I would have done more. I had referred your site to a number of people who wanted to know of a place that presented all things David in a very classy manner – and where comments were thoughtful and relevant.
    I appreciated your extensive list of links to other fan sites.
    We take for granted the time involved to maintain a site and admire you for your dedication.
    You have done fantastically with this site – one of the best.

  30. addendum

    Todd – this site did not fail, we failed you.

  31. Ditto on what archiefandoc said. We have all failed Fan Scene, all of us who claim to love and support Fan Scene! Let this serve as a painful lesson to us, as fans who actively support David, to take good care of one another, to watch each other’s back, so that none of us has to face pressure and disappointment alone!

  32. awww. that’s sad.. i just discovered this site.

  33. And kat, you’re here? For real? So, you came here when I told you about it? Thanks! *HUGS*

    archiefandoc’s right…WE failed you Todd. I’m tearing up again. I’m so sorry.

  34. Todd, I never really knew about your site until I read your story titled “David A Back in the Day”. I just want to congratulate you on a job extremely well done; you have been a staunch supporter of David from the beginning and deserve much credit for promoting this wonderful young man is such a fantastic manner. We all owe you a debt of gratitude and wherever you’re headed, I wish you much success and happiness.

  35. Todd, totally shocked and saddened. I have never written anywhere but I have to tell you that I really appreciated your site and have a deep respect for you as a human being. You are a model David fan, and I see so much of “David” in you. Thanks a bunch!

    Good luck to your future endeavor. You deserve a break. Hope to hear from you again though.

  36. Todd, I noticed this sad announcement right after you posted it. What a decision…
    I immediately made a new post informing this to your Japanese fans. I have already received tens of comments and messages to you (all in Japanese). I will send a full translation of these by email by this weekend. Here I attach the Takako’s one.

    Hi Todd, I was very surprised with you decision, but thank you for sharing a lot of stories about David. We won’t forget you and your support for David, and so won’t David and his family. Take care and see you sometime somewhere!

  37. Reading these comments from you all really makes it hard to walk away. I’ve had a lot of people write to show their support. I appreciate that immensely. One message really stood out. I won’t mention a name because I haven’t asked her permission, but someone wrote to tell me they sponsored a child in India after hearing about Rising Star Outreach on Fan Scene. That really touched me. Anyway, thank you for all the emails. It’s good to get messages from real people instead of spam, lol. I’ve supposedly won enough British lotteries to make Bill Gates look like a peasant, haha!

  38. Well that figures! I finally find a site for Mr. Archuleta that shows some intregrity by not resorting to Name Calling, David bashing or 3 paragraph essays on a zit to get noticed and what happens? “POOF” its gone! The articles were well written, the praise heartfelt, the pictures beautiful and Squiggly Pig cute but not demeaning. Obviously there are folks out there other than myself who are going to miss this site and it’s nice their coming out to show their support. You deserve it. I’ve seen other sites pulled because of promises made and not kept and I sincerely hope that isn’t the case here. Just let me say, good show. You will not go unnoticed by the powers that be and thank you for providing a site that doesn’t just cater to 14 year old girls!

  39. Todd.
    I am joining the farewell posters here. And my heart is breaking, and I am feeling the tears coming. I was so pleased when you replied so quickly to me about a pictured that you had posted of mine. (The picture of David jumping over the barriers) It is just the visual example of what David does though out his life. That is why I love that picture so much.) I was pleased that you were so please when I wrote to you, and told you that story. You know that David can fly. Squiggly pigs fly. David does have wings. David’s are just clear and sometime there are those of us who realize just what David really is, and what his contribution to humanity is.

    Todd I wish you could be here with us in Utah this weekend. Counting Davids Character is doing a video tour and meeting with some key people in David’s life.
    I want to make you an honorary member of CDC. Counting David’s Character.

    Please get some sleep and know that we care about you.


  40. Todd, I am sorry that you will be closing Fanscene. I help out at Team Archie and I know that running a site is a lot, a lot of work and require a team to make it successful. I thank you for all that you’ve done thru the years to support David…and long enough for the rest of us to discover what a wonder he is.

  41. I came back with the hope that you, TODD, had changed heart. I’m really saddened by this. Goodness, I’m tearing up again. Fan Scene will always have a special part in my ARCHUheart.

    Todd, join CDC. PLEASE, just so we can still hear from you.

    Anyway, I’ll back for tomorrow again.

  42. Thank you very much for your dedication. I’m going to miss you a lot. You and fanscene will remain in my mind forever.
    Sayonara….Mata au himade.

  43. Todd,
    I realize how long this has been a part of your life and I want to thank you for all of your hard work, for your dedication and for your friendship and loyalty to our family. We will always be here for you and wishing you success on your new ventures! Keep me posted on what you are doing and the best way to reach you! Love you Todd!!

  44. Todd, I lurked this site quite often and admired you for doing this all by yourself for David. I feel sorry that you have to c]ose down this site. Your dedication and hard work will be remembered forever. Love you Todd and Fanscene.

  45. Well kym, it’ll not close anymore.

    Let’s be JOYFUL for all cost.

  46. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the support. Fan Scene will not close, its going through some changes but the spirit of Fan Scene will live on. If you read our recent message, you will know why.

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