David Archuleta on Ellen

Dear Fan Scene,

I just wanted to let you know how the Ellen show taping was this afternoon. Ellen taped 2 shows today and David was on the first one at 3:30. He sang “Crush” and then, after a commercial break, he sat with Ellen and talked for a few minutes. I was really glad she chatted with him too, because she did mention the fact that the reason she never had David on the show during Idol was because they couldn’t work out their schedule, or something like that. David was wearing a maroon shirt, grey cardigan and checkered blackish/greyish pants. I couldn’t take any pictures because they are very strict about taking in cameras. But David looked and sounded really good- he looked more rested than he has in the last few shows he’s been on. Well, that’s it for this report. Sorry no pictures this time. 🙂


Thanks for the report, Ann! 🙂


~ by fhrradio1 on November 14, 2008.

14 Responses to “David Archuleta on Ellen”

  1. That’s all good Ann. Thanks!

    I’m on it. I’m watching the youtube version. My gosh!

  2. GREAT!!!!!! I WILL IMFORM!!!

  3. daisy, where is the youtube link? Pleaseeeeeee.

  4. BTW, I forgot to mention that Ellen asked David the story of his “lettuce boy” nickname. And then she jokingly accused him of wanting to “Crush” David Cook and said that was the meaning of the title of his song. She gave everyone in the audience a copy of David’s CD. I think the later taping was with Faith Hill as the musical guest.

    Ann 🙂

  5. Move to snarkyarchies.com kym!

    Move fast dear!

  6. Thanks, daisy.

  7. Awww…no problem kym!

    It’s so nice meeting you anyway. New dealings in a renewed Fan Scene. That’s great!

  8. Thanks for the update Ann, I usally post on FOD, but I can’t get connected and was lurking on other sites to see if there were any posting on his interview with Ellen. Looking forward to getting home and seeing the video.
    BTW, Good to know how FanScene started and glad to know you will be staying around.

  9. Thanks! Glad you were able to go to the taping, Ann. I’m sure that was a thrill!

  10. haha thanks! He looked so great and he was soo happy! You can tell Ellen liked him 😀

  11. The Best Crush yet IMO! Crush sounds so much better with a live band, David really got into it, you could tell he was enjoying himself. Thanks for the report!

  12. Thanks for the report Ann. Did David autograph the CD’s? Marc – I agree David’s performance of Crush on Ellen was fantastic.
    I cannot wait until I will be seeing David performing Crush live next week – should be absolute perfection after all the “practice” on these other shows – ha ha.

  13. Ann! Thanks for letting us share in your thrilling day!! He looked like he was very relaxed and I loved his interview. He just ooozes personality!

    And thanks for the videos Orlando. I have been looking forward all day to seeing this!! 🙂 Go Archuleta Fan Scene!!!

    Almost your turn AFD!!! We expect a report!

  14. Thank you for this! He looked great and sounded great! I LOVED his plaid pants! Melting….

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