Southern California battles devastating fires


This post is not related to David Archuleta but I wanted to take a moment and say that I along with everyone at Fan Scene would like to send our heartfelt prayers to those affected by the wild fires in southern California. I am sure there are fans in that area as well.

I have friends and family in southern California but luckily they are further south in the San Diego area.

LOS ANGELES – Southern Californians weathered a second straight day of devastation Saturday as wind-blasted wildfires destroyed hundreds of homes, shut down major freeways and forced thousands of residents in the path of flames to flee to safety.

A fire that ravaged the Sylmar community in the hillsides above Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley grew to 6,500 acres — more than 10 square miles — and was only 10 percent contained. It sent residents fleeing in the dark Saturday morning as notorious Santa Ana winds topping 75 mph torched cars, mobile homes and bone-dry brush.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this tragedy. Working in the field of fire/ems myself for many years, there is nothing more devastating then a wild fire that is out of control.

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5 Responses to “Southern California battles devastating fires”

  1. My prayers and thoughts go to all the people living in the area. I also pray for the poor animals that are also affected by this disaster 😦

  2. i saw it on the news when it happened. it was awful. i hope those affected would have easy recovery.

  3. Sending prayers… I studied college in California so I feel for the victims. Thanks, Orlando, for this timely reminder.

  4. Thank you Orlando for posting this story. It is so sad how many people have already lost their homes in Southern California. I want to express thanks to the wonderful fire workers who have been working around the clock. A wild fire had broken out on a hillside just a couple miles from my home and the helicopter crews scooping water from the ocean put it out in a few hours.

  5. Orlando..thank you so much for this posting. I live about 10 miles from the Tea Fire that broke out on Thursday night in Santa Barbara. The final tally is 210 homes destroyed. The Fire personnel and the First Responders did an amazing job. Without their dedication and bravery people and their pets could have died. We have had 3 major fires in 15 months here…they are our special angels.

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