David Archuleta wants to hear from you on the album

In his latest voice mail, David Archuleta talks about album release week. He wants to hear your thoughts on his album – “Pleeaase leave me your feedback and favorite songs, coz I’d love to know!!”

So call David at (801) 386-8196 now. And leave a comment here to share with fellow fans what you told David!

~ by larissa4david on November 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “David Archuleta wants to hear from you on the album”

  1. My favorite songs on DAVID ARCHULETA:


  2. Love the “pleeeease” let me know! He really cares what we think.
    My favorites change all the time because I love each one. But as of today…Barriers, To Be With You and ALTNOY!

  3. hello david my favorite song from ur ablum you can ,barriers angle crush a

  4. My favorite is WORKS FOR ME. LOOOOOOOOVE IT!

  5. At first listen, my favorites were Barriers & My Hands. I’ve since added Desperate, Touch my Hand, To Be With You, and Your Eyes Don’t Lie. Great use of falsetto in various places. You could hear emotion in several that convinces me that DA has felt more love, loneliness, wistfulness, pain, etc. than we know. He’s very human and reflects feelings we’ve all had. Barriers has great rhythm and vocal exchanges. It grabs you immediately. My Hands has interesting OO-AHs at the beginning, pushing breath outward. I like the oddball lyrics, pronounciations, stresses.
    Lots of emotion in Desperate and To Be With You. Beautiful harmony and blend in duet. Your Eyes Don’t Lie is that quirky Western sound with whistling. I think it’s incredibly bold and original and I ended up liking it. Touch My Hand will be HUGE with live audiences because it connects David more intimately with his fans. Actually, I liked them all in some way but the above were my favorites. I do agree with some music critics that there was too much similarity of sound. I’d like to see David throw a gospel sound in sometime, or a Spanish song. He would open up wider international fan bases as well. Elvis used to do gospel right next to rock n roll. David has that same versatility.

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