David Archuleta myspace blog 11/17/08

I’m a concert — goer

Hey guys!  The last week has been a pretty crazy one!  I did a bunch of appearances on some shows, and I’ll be on the Bonnie Hunt Show Tuesday haha.  I hope everyone’s liking the album!  And thanks for sending in your opinions on what songs you like the most!  I love hearing about what you guys think, and really appreciate the great comments you’ve all been making.


I just wanted to tell you really quick about my weekend.  On Friday night I was supposed to go home, but we missed our flight.  So instead… we went to the Alanis Morissette concert, which was amazing!  I forgot how much I loved Alanis and how big of a fan I am.  There was a point in time where I was addicted to quite a few of her songs, and I still love her.  She is great live, and she gets into it in a really unique way.  If you haven’t heard her before you should listen to Uninvited.  It’s one of my favorite songs.  Another interesting fact about Uninvited that I learned is that the producer who produced the song, Rob Cavallo, produced David Cook’s album. Cool, huh?  Another good song of hers is Thank You.


On Saturday, we were able to go back home for a day.  I got to spend time with the family again, and what’s cool is there just so happened to be an awesome concert that I didn’t know about going on that day.  It was Lady Gaga, Natasha Bedingfield, and New Kids on the Block.  I didn’t get to see a whole lot of Lady Gaga since I thought the concert started at 8, but that’s when Natasha’s set started haha.  But I finally got to see Natasha perform live!!  Of course I was loving it lol.  She did amazing, and I was really happy that I got to see her in concert in Utah.


I never thought I’d get the chance to, especially at the beginning when she wasn’t really known in the US yet.  I really admire the way she’s gone with her music and career, and how sweet of a person she is!  She is just down to earth and stays true to herself — whether it’s in person, in her music, or on stage.  New Kids on the Block were also amazing too!  I couldn’t believe how great of a concert they could still put on, and for a comeback tour.  It was full of energy the whole way through!  My family went too, so it was great to be able to all spend time together at a concert.


A couple of my friends were also able to go, and they said it was the best concert they’ve been to.  I can’t believe how many concerts I’ve been able to go to lately!  I seriously have gone to more in the last little while than in my life.  You learn so much by watching the way people put on a show, and how they perform live.  I’ve been having such a great time.  I was never really into concerts before, but I guess now that I’m older I appreciate it a lot more.  Just being able to watch experienced people live is one of the greatest things ever.  Especially seeing artists who have inspired me so much.  Jason Mraz, Alanis Morissette, and Natasha Bedingfield have all been major influences for me, and being able to see all of them in concert is just incredible.  So I’m definitely a concert-goer now haha.  


Seriously everyone, if you haven’t been to a concert yet you should!  Especially if you’re a singer, you learn A TON from watching the way someone performs.  And everyone does it their own way too.  Ah, I just love it!   But I’ve rambled a lot more than I wanted to haha.  I should probably get going.  We’re back in LA, and I got to see Brooke and Ramiele!  It’s always good to spend time with those guys.  Well I’m gonna run, but before I go I just want to remind everyone that Cook’s album is coming out tomorrow!  So don’t forget to show your support, and be prepared to listen to some awesome stuff!  haha.  Ciao.


Song for the day:  Put Your Arms Around Me – Natasha Bedingfield




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One Response to “David Archuleta myspace blog 11/17/08”

  1. Love this blog!! I can hear him saying the words in my head.

    Concert going for David is a pleasure and university level course.

    We cannot wait till your first solo concert!

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