David Archuleta on the Bonnie Hunt Show


David Archuleta will be on the Bonnie Hunt Show on Tuesday, November 18th. The show airs at different times depending on the city you live in, check the shows ‘When its on’ link for your local time.

Source: Bonnie Hunt Show

David Archuleta

David Archuleta

Update: Here’s a fan report from minione as posted on IDF:

…she (Bonnie Hunt) mentioned that David had like 10 posse members and she had none and when she mentioned his name we screamed so loud that she fell to the ground covering her ears or something lol. It was obvious there was major archie love in that studio. Soon after David came and slid down a fire pole yikes you might see his tummy when it comes on tv and did an interview for Bonnie. He had some photos from when he was like 7 and I think around 11 and they were REALLY cute! One had him and all his siblings laying down with their heads in a circle. The other was a picture from his star search days. He mentioned that he was a dork ( admit it we were all dorks when we were little) He is auctioning off his bracelet because he said it was getting worn out. He is also auctioning off his CD, t-shirt and I think the shirt he wore on the show. I think it was a really light blue stripped button up shirt over a t-shirt. But I didn’t know what color it was. I was too focused on david and bonnie lol. He talked about his siblings treating him like the same old david and the usual girlfriend/rumor questions. At one point David was talking about a girl he would like in the future and bonnie was like wait? so you mean…. pretending like david was hitting on her lol. She really liked David. She couldn’t stop calling him adorable, kind etc. You know all the words. She was even doing a short show starter and she was announcing that david was going to be on the show. But the line said adorable david and she didn’t like that because it sounded too kiddish on him and she knew he got that enough. But she couldn’t keep herself from saying adorable. It just kept flying out of her mouth. I mean who can resists saying that right? hehe After wards he performed crush and did an AWESOME JOB! I cannot even tell you how amazing to sing your heart out to crush looking at david at the same time was. I was three rows back so it was like I was singing along with him! I had an awesome time! Met loads of awesome archies too! I saw lots I met earlier, from the fansites and some I recognized from just random stuff. The lady who wrote dream sky high was there. I feel so bad i forgot her name but I saw her like two times and thought she was david’s old teacher on ai because i always saw her running around david at the shows or finale and concert lol. of course David’s biggest fan his aunt was there πŸ˜€ and jackie?? she is from snarky archies?? She is gorgeous! But funny thing she actually look like an older version of jackie castro! lol I made name tags for everyone and while I was in line a lady gave me a necklace she made as a gift for being so kind. So I was really happy πŸ˜€ Really fun day πŸ˜€

Editor’s note: Dream Sky High- Rough Mix Demo, Recorded June 16th, 2003.
Written by Jeff Archuleta & Sunny Hilden
Vocals Produced by David Archuleta

Thanks to Snarky Archies for uploading the video.

Editor’s note: Singer David Archuleta gives up his treasured bracelet to Bonnie Hunt for her upcoming auction to benefit cancer on β€œThe Bonnie Hunt Show” airing on Tuesday, November 18th. Β He says that he wore it throughout the tour and thought it would be nice to give to the auction, β€œYou can tell I’ve worn it quite a bit.”  (See first picture above) [Thanks to Emily from Warner Bros][Photo credit: Warner Bros. / Mark Davis]


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11 Responses to “David Archuleta on the Bonnie Hunt Show”

  1. I hope someone tape it and put in youtube coz I can’t watch the show in my country. Thank you.

  2. That was great . Thank you so much ! He is such a fantastic humble, talented human beeing !!!

  3. my dad made me go to school and i missed it ah!!
    but i saw it on youtube, so cute!
    youtube is my friend πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you a bazillion times! πŸ˜€
    This was simply incredible – every second of it. The performances keep getting better and better. But what else could we expect of David?

  5. Thanks minione for your Bonnie Hunt story. He was so good in the interview..always himself…calling himself a dork…saying how he appreciates what his family has to go through…he looked so happy and I know he is so grateful for the fans being there for him.

  6. Thanks for the video. He looked a bit nervous when sliding down the pole. What a great entrance. So adorable.

  7. I bet that David’s leather bracelet will be bid for at least 2,000 USD!!!
    My love for David and Crush is getting stronger and stronger and I thank you, Todd, for creating a great fansite for us to be united.
    We are united by the love we share for David Archuleta.
    from Huong, Vietnam

  8. Thanks for posting the videos here — I was lucky to have attended this show. David did a great job – from his super hero entrance, to the wonderful interview – , to that VOICE – the best Crush I have heard — just fantastic to hear this live. Thanks to Bonnie Hunt who is obviously now a big fan of the Archuleta. It was fun “chasing” Kathy Griffin under the coffee table with our cheering for David. When David left the stage – still waving good bye – there was a collective spontaneous “awwwe” from the audience. David was gone.
    The Bonnie Hunt show was a great cap off to the round of TV promotions.

  9. That was the first time I ever saw the Bonnie Hunt Show and, not only am I now a Bonnie Hunt fan, but after seeing all of David’s stops along his album promotional tour, there is no doubt that his appearance on Bonnie Hunt was the best of all. It makes such a difference when the show host is a sincere person and also a fan and Bonnie is all that and more.

  10. I was in line with the young lady that shared her story and I was so impressed by her sweet spirit. I was the lady that gave her one of my glass bead angel wings. I also brought a few extras just in case I saw David’s family. I did see Aunt Laurie and Sunny. I went and talked to both of them. I gave them my beads and Laurie was so happy because she didn’t wear a necklace that day so she wore the angel wings to the show. I was so honored. At the end of the show, I was able to give Bonnie a set of the angel wings too. She came out to talk to the audience. I told her she is an official “Golden Archie” fan now. Waiting in line was so much fun. We were around lots of David fans and I was so happy because we all had high hopes of meeting David but were content to be able to meet each other and share stories. I made a lot of friends that day. David was amazing!

  11. CindyAZ!!! Funny meeting you at 2 am on another David site! haha Do we NOT get enough on GoldenArchies.com? OHHH but I LOVE to read Todd’s gathering of info! Cindy… we must have been sitting RIGHT behind this little gal, huh? Wonder if she was at the restaurant where we ate Pad Thai….haha

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