David Archuleta on VH1 playlist videos

Check out David Archuleta on the VH1 playlist videos:  Click Here
There are several video clips on the playlist.
Thanks to alleygirl22 on IDF for finding it


~ by fhrradio1 on November 19, 2008.

One Response to “David Archuleta on VH1 playlist videos”

  1. I was with a group of fans waiting for David on the Bonnie Hunt show – David has a fan base that pretty much encompasses people from all walks of life – his music reaches out to many people on all levels. Yes David has so much talent – but I do think he knows what to do with it. It was interesting to read about the ” battles” of what music to get on the album and that the record label thought that having David’s own music was being an ego trip. I think it was all quite the opposite. Ironically (or not actually) – the BEST music on the album – is not on the actual album but the bonus tracks – the music that was David. Work For Me and Falling our my favorites. Falling in particular shows a level of mature song writing that belies the young age that David wrote it. I hope to hear more of David’s music in future albums.

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