David Archuleta’s “Crush” set to reach platinum status

platinumrecordthumb11aaAs of last count David Archuleta’s “Crush” single was just shy of platinum status at 991,657 copies sold. Preliminary survey states that he has possibly sold another 8,000 copies since then.

We will not know the exact number until official stats are released next Wednesday but going platinum is another milestone for the 7th season American Idol runner-up David Archuleta.

Will you be the one to buy the 1 millionth copy and help put his name on the platinum record?

~ by fhrradio1 on November 19, 2008.

9 Responses to “David Archuleta’s “Crush” set to reach platinum status”

  1. Congratulations on reaching or soon to reach platinum status!
    I hope they will now start playing Crush on the radio stations in LA.


    This is so awesome!!! I’m so happy for David! And to think that only 10 months ago we saw that cute boy talking about his vocal paralysis at the AI audition, singing WAITING ON THE WORLD TO CHANGE and now that cute boy has a PLATINUM single. This is amazing!!! : ) I’m so proud of him. He deserves this; David deserves the best!

  3. Oh Yeah! This is GREAT NEWS! David’s first platinum record…no one deserves it more!
    AFD, what’s with that, the LA radio stations not playing Crush? That’s gotta change!

  4. Will David actually be presented with a platinum record for his success? Will the fans get to see him accept it? I surely hope so. It is such an honor. I’m so proud of him!

  5. David is ‘crushing’ the platinum record!!!!

  6. Platinum! Our golden boy will soon go platinum!

    Congratulations David!

  7. Congratulations David on Crush going platinum! I know very soon your album will be doing the same thing. So far in so little time, you definately should be proud of your accomplishments we your fanatical fans have your back all the way and are so proud of you and will be here at every corner and juncture of your career. Thanks for being so supportive of us too.

  8. WOOOT now lets get his album golden. GOOO Archies.

  9. Oh my gosh! A platinum record….so sweet=) I really hope they get to televise the moment he receives his platinum. I’m so happy for David. He truly deserves every good thing that comes his way. He is living his dream and we’re witnesses to it. Congatulations, David!!! We’re here to support you forever and ever=)

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