David Archuleta’s Crave 95 Interview

David Archuleta interviewed with Crave 95 FM’s Drew Savage. Crave 95 is a radio station out of Vancouver, Canada. You can listen to David’s interview below. Drew asks David who he thinks would win a fight between an Arch Angel and a Claymate, lol! 🙂


~ by archuletafanscene on November 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “David Archuleta’s Crave 95 Interview”

  1. LOL! You have to love the way his brain works….depends if they bake cakes or are into martial arts…only David would answer this way…and we love him for it.

  2. […] p.s. Thank you, David Arculeta, for once again making my day. p.p.s. bringing this over from the end of the last thread, from peppertara. Thx. pepp! “perhaps I am the only CDN fan who missed this short little interview back in 2008, with a Vancouver radio station. How on earth I missed this one, I have no idea. Came across it by accident really. If anyone else missed it here is the link if interested. D’s answers are so cute and humorous, especially to the silly question asked by the DJ. Sorry if it is old, old news for others. I’m not always ‘up’ on things, obviously. https://archuletamusic.wordpress.com/2008/11/21/david-archuletas-crave-95-interview/ “ […]

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