David Archuleta’s Next Single: A Little Too Not Over You

Fans of David is reporting that a very reliable source has informed them that Jive decided Wednesday it will release ALTNOY, not TOUCH MY HAND as David Archuleta’s next single.

FOD reports: “David is currently working with Jeff and others to conceptualize the video for ALTNOY. The video for Touch My Hand was all planned out, so the team is very busy switching gears right now.”


~ by archuletafanscene on November 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “David Archuleta’s Next Single: A Little Too Not Over You”

  1. Another video! OH BOY!!

    I think ALTNOY is a very good decision…something the male fans might enjoy more than TMH.

  2. ALTNOY will have wider appeal and different vibe to contrast with Crush – and great to promote a song that David co-wrote. I still love Touch My Hand and think that this song too can be a hit – and the video for that will be amazing – cannot wait to see both!

  3. I agree that ALTNOY will have a wider audience. TMH is a great tour/stadium song and may just become a staple in his reperatoire like Angels… but it was almost a little too ‘disney’ for a second release. Switching to ALTNOY is a great decision.

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