Saturday 11/22 VH1 once again – Lets keep voting


David Archuleta made a debut appearance on VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown on Nov 15 and was given the honor of presenting his video as the number 1 video on the same day. The first time in VH1 top 20 video countdown’s history that an artist appears on the show the same day the video is number 1. Can we do it again? Can the fans continue their efforts to give him another week on the Number 1 spot? We will just have to wait until Saturday and find out?

meanwhile, continue to cast your votes:  VH1 VOTE VOTE VOTE


~ by fhrradio1 on November 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “Saturday 11/22 VH1 once again – Lets keep voting”

  1. Vote for David – AOL poll
    Whose debut album are you most excited for?

    Please help! I am voting alone!
    Use firefox, vote, clean personal data, refresh the page, wait 40 sec. (you can vote 4 times VH1 in the meantime) and vote again! Cook´s fans do it and he is winning!
    And they want him to win VH1 too!!!

  2. yup, been voting, lets make it 2 weeks in a row for big D!

  3. This is an important week to vote since David Cook is co-hosting the show on Saturday and it will be cool for him to introduce Crush as #1 again. Vote!!! Please!!!

  4. Ok all you wonderful David fans VH1 vote #1 agian this week. WOO hooooo


    here is the link.

  6. No matter what- David is always Number 1 — that said vote vote vote

    thanks to marc – david’s biggest fan

  7. Drag…Click….Drag…Click….

    VOTE!!VOTTE!! 🙂

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