David Archuleta at the American Music Awards



David Archuleta was an award presenter at the 2008 American Music Awards. He appeared on stage with Shailene Woodley from The Secret Life of the American Teenager and presented an AMA award to country singer Brad Paisley. Here are the videos thanks to the folks at Snarky Archies.

Jimmy Kimmel pokes a little fun at David during his opening monologue:

David presenting the award to Brad Paisley:

AMA Red Carpet Interview:

And yet another video at the AMA rehearsals:

One more

Here is Jimmy

and a special thanks to David-HQ for the untagged red carpet photos


~ by fhrradio1 on November 23, 2008.

14 Responses to “David Archuleta at the American Music Awards”

  1. I can’t wait for next year, when David will be performing at the AMA…that will be AWESOME! Hope you got to meet Aretha David!!

    Thanks for being up to the second guys!

  2. Will he really be performing?! COOL!

    What did they say about him at the very end? i missed it. i think jimmy kimmel said more with david archuleta, but i didn’t catch exactly what they said.

  3. nic, Jimmy Kimmel made a crack about putting David to bed…I guess “HE” thought it was funny.

  4. Jimmy just ended the awards by saying “Hope you enjoyed the show. Larry Klein has to put David Archuleta to bed. Good nite everyone!” Larry Klein is the producer of the American Music Awards.

    too bad people at my house were talking. that’s really funny. i think david took his jokes really well =) he’s such a good sport.

  6. I guess it’s good that David’s name was the very last thing mentioned on the show tonight, LOL

  7. Thanks for the video.
    My gosh! Look at Shailene shoes! Why she has to wear that shoes. It makes David looks so small. Anyway, she is pretty.
    David looks mature in that outfit. Love it. I hope David will perform and receive awards (I mean awardssss) as well next year.

  8. David did great as a presenter on the AMA awards —well the poor microphone guy had to make a quick decision on what height to place the mic and it looks like he went with the Archuleta!
    David stands tall in my heart.
    The attention David received – even if jokes – is phenomenal – he basically started and ended the show – this is some major buzz.
    Next year is going to be great === David Archuleta will be blowing the roof off the place and the attention he will be getting is for his fantastic musicality.
    David just wants to sing and for us to listen.

  9. It was obvious that Jimmy Kimmel respects David A, and that his jokes were said with confidence that David would be the great sport that he is! Kimmel knows that David is here for the long run(music is alive and well with David at the michrophone!) Jimmy’s a savvy enough comediene to know what or who is the hot topic, and he knows David’s future is secure with his talent as well as his goodness. :)Ellen in Ky.

  10. David was awesome at the AMA last night. He looked so handsome. He looked like what he truly is, a music star!!! I’m sure David will be at AMA in the years to come, performing and accepting a lot of awards.

  11. Her HEELS!! Omg are you kidding?? lol They would have looked perfect together if she didnt have those heels! David looked AMAZING!

  12. Those heels look ridiculous! Those look like stripper heels – no offense to Shailene (I love Secret Life!) – but I think she’s a little too young for those kinds of shoes. Anyway, David did a great job! I can’t wait for next year, when he’ll be attending all these awards shows as a nominee! ^_^

  13. Well said Ellen!

    addendum: David Archuleta stand tall and proud!

  14. Way to go David!!!! You were WONDERFUL, along with best dressed & most handsome!!! We so look forward to seeing you perform at the AMA’s & accept your awards!!! Absolutely LOVE your new CD!!!

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