David Archuleta: For The Fans

Seeing this David Archuleta tribute video again reminded me how much I love this song. When I saw David perform WYSYLM on the American Idol Tour down in Sunrise, Florida last August I was overwhelmed by the emotion he puts into his performances.

by michelinamarie


~ by archuletafanscene on November 24, 2008.

6 Responses to “David Archuleta: For The Fans”

  1. I was also at the Sunrise FL, concert, I was fortunate to be sitting 3 rows from the stage. When David started to sing WYSYLM I was able to walk right up to the stage…I too was filled with emotion by David’s performance and magnificent voice. Many in the audience felt the same way, the emotion in the crowd was palpable.

  2. Really? Orlando and I were sitting in the fifth row (left side) 3 seats from the walkway that came out into the audience. I went up and took pictures during that song too. 🙂

  3. Well there you go – Marc and Todd – you were probably right next to eachother! WYSYLM has special meaning for me – will not go into it now – posted already – I miss hearing this song!

    AFS – have you posted any of the photo’s you took that night? It was a very special night.

    Kudos to Michelinamarie – love her video montages – she is another talented teenager.

  4. Todd, I had tickets high up, but the day before the concert I checked the ticketmaster website and the floor seat tickets just a few rows from the stage became available. I jumped on them and the 2 tickets I had unfortunately had to go to waste. FOD tried to give them away but it was too late. Just 10 minutes after I purchased the tickets, ticketmaster stopped selling tickets for the Sunrise show. I was able to go right up to the stage several times but the ushers would eventually come by and I had to go back to my seat. Luckliy I was able to stay by the stage all through WYSYLM, I was also taking pics but stopped to soak it all in.

  5. Cathy,

    I still have more pictures to take on that roll… I’m so clueless, lol. It’s okay, I know babies and kittens. =^^=


  6. Marc….get that roll of film from Todd!! We would love to see those photos. It is so cool how you three guys were all at the same performance!!

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