David Archuleta new official community?

On Nov 23rd we reported about the existance of this website. It is now confirmed that this is the new Official website of David Archuleta. If you go to www.davidarchuleta.com it now redirects you to this site.



~ by fhrradio1 on November 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “David Archuleta new official community?”

  1. Thanks Orlando. I will go have a look see. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I went ahead the other day and took faith that it was a valid site…so I joined it and it is a lot of fun. Everyone should join and it is so simple. Uploading photos takes some time, so be patient. I have uploaded some and plan to upload more. Joining this site does not mean I don’t still go to this site or others, but it feels like “home base” in a way and another way to meet David’s fans in one unbiased location per sey…Go for it.take a look

    here is a link to my page to get an idea what your page will look like:


  3. Like Jennifer – I also took a leap of faith that it was valid and joined up. Glad that it is official – and thanks Jennifer for your link.

  4. When you go there it says, “The OFFICIAL David Archuelta Website.” They spelled his last name wrong. 😐

  5. I noticed the name spelled wrong also. I’m not joining yet. It doesn’t look like its for real – think I’ll wait awhile.

  6. THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE!!! I love it, and I love David A! (And I’m not by any means a screaming teenager). I’m a fan for life! In a world of turmoil, David brings joy and touches the hearts and lives of anyone who cares to open up their hearts….and I’m grateful for the gift he gives.

    Thanks again!

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