Ivan The Talented!

Hey Fan Scene!

12-year-old Ivan G. who runs the site Junior Archies put a lot of work into this promotional video called “Project Archuleta.” Ivan hopes to meet David backstage at 104.1 KRBE’s Jingle Jam in Houston, Texas on December 7th. In the video, Ivan and his friends put out flyers, interview people in the neighborhood to introduce them to David’s music, and even give away copies of David’s new CD that Ivan bought with his own money! Ivan did a GREAT job with his promotional video and we really think he deserves to win those passes!! Ivan is a friend of ours here at Fan Scene so please leave a comment and tell him how much you appreciate his efforts to promote David. Ivan and his friends are TRUE ARCH ANGELS!

PS: Love the T-shirt Ivan!

“We made this video trying to get backstage passes to meet david! we worked extremely hard on this, and i hope everyone enjoys it! thanks!”

“these are mostly the fun outtakes and memories from all the fun we had making this great video. : )”


~ by archuletafanscene on November 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “Ivan The Talented!”

  1. Go Ivan! You’re sure going places with persistence like that!, you are are real fan of David’s and we all appreciate your great support of him and the work you put into making the video, I sure hope you get those back stage passes, you deserve them!

  2. Oh and your friends too of course, I meant to say that in my last post. You all did a terrific job on the video!

  3. Way cool, Ivan.

  4. Great job Ivan, Emily, Ian, and Justin! I really hope you win backstage passes, you deserve them!

  5. woaw! where did yall get that?! thats me! lol
    who wrote that message?! omg! this was a surprise! lol

  6. Ivan you rock! Good luck with getting the passes!

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