David Archuleta AOL Sessions: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Just like Fan Scene first reported on November 6th, David Archuleta recorded 5 live songs for AOL Sessions and they’re finally here! David’s performance is AMAZING on each and every song. wow! I wish they’d kept the camera on him when he was riffing on ALTNOY though; I love that part, his falsetto is incredible. 🙂


A Little Too Not Over You

Touch My Hand

My Hands

You Can

After making it through an entire season of ‘American Idol,’ where he finished as the runner-up to David Cook, 17-year-old David Archuleta is at home in front of the camera. Despite performing most of his AOL Sessions songs today, including the sure to be audience favorite ‘Touch my Hand,’ for the first time, and his hit single, ‘Crush,’ for just the second time, Archuleta nails the songs like a seasoned vet. When he sits down, however, to talk to AOL about Cook, being on both side of the fan/artist relationship and his friendship with Jordan Sparks, Archuleta is the happy, go-lucky teenager that reflects his age. It’s both refreshing and contagious.

Which ‘Idol’ contestant were you most excited to meet?

There’s not one person I can really think of that I didn’t feel [excited], because it’s just like, “I’ve listened to you and I love your songs, or I’ve watched you before and now you’re right here.” It’s just weird and sometimes your jaw drops. When you listen to them so much, you kind of forget that they’re real people.

Have you had that experience yet where someone comes up to you, and they have that same response you’re talking about?

Yeah, it’s always weird when people start crying when they meet you ’cause you just feel like same David Archuleta that you’ve always been. I always got confused when people don’t say anything. But then you have that same experience with other people. I went to a Jason Mraz concert and we got to meet him after the show, and I had that moment where it was just like, “Um, uh.” I can’t believe this because Jason Mraz is one of my favorite singers ever, and there he was and he’s so nice and friendly. I didn’t know what to say, I felt so stupid.

Is there one person you’ve learned a lot from in terms of how they handle their career?

With the whole ‘American Idol’ show, everyone on that show really understands how it feels. It’s just been cool how we all kind of started with no one really knowing us, and moving along to an awful lot of people knowing who you are. So, like, Cook, probably knows it more than anyone else because he was with me all the way to the end. But someone I talk to a lot is Jordan Sparks. She went through the same thing and she understands what I’m going though. She understood school, because no one else this season had school except for me. We hung out a week ago. We were in Connecticut, and we just hung out and talked, and it was cool. It’s nice to see that someone my age can still be normal in this whole thing. I really look up to Jordan for that. I mean, she’s had a great career so far and she’s an amazing singer and she’s handled it really well.

How do you feel about the dueling Davids? Cook vs. Archuleta?

Even on the show I wasn’t really competitive with Cook, so that’s what’s so funny. I was like, “I’m just happy to be here getting to sing.” And I’ve always wished the best for him and nothing but that. People always want to compare you. I’m kinda doing my own thing, he’s kinda doing his own thing, and we’re both pretty different. I’m not here rocking out on the guitar going “Grawr,” and he’s not singing “laaaaa” the way I do. We’re buddies now — we’ve always been buddies — and it doesn’t seem like there’s that rivalry. I know the albums are coming out close to each other but that’s just because we had the same time frame; we both came off the show at the same time.

As an artist you got to collaborate with a lot of really great people, and I know you wrote a song with JC Chasez. Talk about some of the people you learned a lot from, and what it meant to you as an artist to be around all these people.

It’s crazy to think that I’m working with these people. Like, JC — he’s someone who’s done a lot before with *NSync. I was like, “I wonder what he’s going to be like. Is he going to be stuck up, ’cause he’s been really successful in the past?” But I couldn’t believe how cool of a guy he was. He was just so easy going and really great to work with.

When we were starting you had a couple questions you were looking back and asking, your dad. How much does it help having your father around to guide your career?

It’s really important to have someone there who has raised you and understands how you are, what your motives are in life and your morals. It’s been really good to have my dad there and the rest of my family just to remind me of what’s important, and to not forget what I love about this. I don’t wanna get too into the world of entertainment and media. And they’ve helped with that. Also, just with life, too — they’re the ones who taught me about it. They’re the ones who’ve helped me become who I am now.

What was the first album you remember that just blew you away?

It’s hard to pick just one. When I was a little kid, like six, I watched this tenth anniversary ‘Les Miserables’ tape, and I couldn’t stop watching it. And then, the next thing was probably the first season of ‘American Idol.’ Tamayra Gray, she was the first person to sing in the semi-finals, and it was the first time I ever really saw someone perform. She had so much emotion it was just amazing, and I learned a ton from that. I could feel what she was feeling when she sang, and I just thought, “I wanna do that.” The first album that ever really did that to me was probably a Natalie Cole album, with great songs like ‘This Will Be,’ ‘Inseparable,’ ‘Pink Cadillac.’ I’m not quite sure why but I just loved that album and it was one of the most influential albums ever on me.

–Steve Baltin

Source: AOL Music Sessions


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16 Responses to “David Archuleta AOL Sessions: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”

  1. I’m proud to be David Archuleta’s fan. He is an extraordinary young man in both his talent and in the way he leads his life. These AOL Sessions prove for me, that there is nothing like David singing live. Thanks for posting this and I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. You’re welcome, Marc. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving too!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Wow…I just saw the AOL sessions…why am I so surprised…I have heard these songs over and over and over…but to see him sing them with the band and to have them so perfect…I was just floored! And I haven’t even seen him sing in person yet…but I will…God willing.

    Shout out to my man marc!!

  4. Thanks to DA Fanscene! you were the first one that let us know about the AOL several weeks ago. I was speechless, in tears watching these videos. Every single performance was breathtaking; David is just unbelievable. He keeps getting better and better and better. David is a music genius! There is something magical and powerful about David when sings live; something out of this world.

  5. These AOL sessions are just fantastic – seeing how he continues to improve upon what already seemed like near perfection is amazing — just imagine what we are in store for down the road. Steve Baltin seems to get the essence of David – the talent and the young “happy go lucky teen” man.

    and the best part of this is David the person — what he said about the presence of his father in his life “It’s really important to have someone there who has raised you and understands how you are, what your motives are in life and your morals.”

    What a prodigious talent – what a fine young man.

  6. I’m living at the other side of the earth and i am proud to be his fan coz he’s the greatest star ever born!! I’ve never fall this hard on any artist before and my favourite band so far is Linkin Park, I couldn’t believe i fall head over heels over this kid!! He got me hooked since AI audition and i’ve shamely promoted his music to all my officemate and friends hahahah!! Am I crazy or falling in love…this is definitely a Crush! huge one too! hahahah – (^o^)”

  7. I’m living at the other side of the earth and i am proud to be his fan coz he’s the greatest star ever born!! I’ve never fall this hard on any artist before and my favourite band so far is Linkin Park, I couldn’t believe i fall head over heels over this kid!! He got me hooked since AI audition and i’ve shameLESSly** promoted his music to all my officemate and friends hahahah!! Am I crazy or falling in love…this is definitely a Crush! huge one too! hahahah – (^o^)”

    Note:** a typo there (sorry David and fans, my bad)

  8. Hey ArchAngel – what part of the side of the earth are you from????
    It is just one big happy David world – no boundries!

  9. Wow! David’s Sessions were just amazing. There’s no one like him. No one. And the visual added to the vocals leaves me frozen with awe on the one hand and shaking with excitement to see more on the other. He’s pitch on perfect, melting us with his velvety voice, and laying his emotions out there for us to feel. How are we so fortunate be a part of this experience, to know of such a gret artist and person in our lifetime. We are truly blessed.

  10. Hey ArchiefanDoc, i’m in malaysia, look it up on the globe, it’ll take about 25hrs for me to fly over and touch david archuleta’s hand (i wish) hahaha. I haven’t slept a wink tonite and its already 6am in the morning. I’ve been watching, reading, downloading archie’s pics and songs (pre & post AI) into my phone for my highland trip tomorrow and listening to Archie’s AOL clips the entire nite! (his live singing is Woww!!) now thats what you called an archie-fix huh, hahah! Oh well, i loved being an ArchAngel in a big happy ArchieWorld. (^_^)

  11. I am enjoying watching David grow into this mesmerizing performer. He has yet to hit a bad note and as he becomes familiar and comfortable with his songs and being on camera, his performances become more and more irresistable. And, yet, he remains the same decent, honest, unassuming, humble kid we who have followed him from the start have loved. I am enjoying following his career and I am 61, mother of 4, grandmother of 2 who knows true talent when she sees it. God Bless his parents!

  12. WOW. David’s album is absolutely incredible, but to hear him live, there are simply no words wonderful enough to describe his talent! He has the most AMAZING voice I have ever heard. Every note he hits is simply jaw-dropping! I melt every time I listen to these songs. Even the way he moves his head, eyes…. it’s just so wonderful!!!

  13. Guys, it would be helpful if you could view David’s Live AOL sessions at the AOL site itself so your views register and add up. AOL matters.

    As per my last check today, his session is #7 overall but per session, his rankings are as follows:
    19 – Crush AOL session
    21 – Crush
    24 – ALTNOY
    29 – TMH
    35 – You Can
    36 – My Hands

    To give context to the ranking, if we compare to the most relevant, that would be 2 other Idols (this is not to start anything, ok?):
    6 – Where I Draw the Line(AOL Sessions)by Clay Aiken
    7 – Q&A:Do u miss anything about your anonymity? David Cook
    27 – Light On David Cook

    #1 spot is held by Beyonce for Single Ladies.

    So please view at AOL and don’t forget to rate! 🙂

  14. ArchAngel – Malaysia seems to really love David Archuleta — and you are the greatest fan there!

  15. Yes, David is the Best! Fanscene, thank you very much for continuing to stay online and not quit, Tod and Orlando, your website is the best source of David’s news, past and present, you guys are the best! Malaysia Loves David Archuleta, and from all the website links to David’s new, it looks like SEA (South East Asia) loves David as much as the entire world! Lets make him a Legend!

  16. I just love David in AOL Sessions! He is truly a fast learner and has improved so much in his live performances ever since AI. And to think he is just starting his musical career! His musical genius is undeniable and should already be considered for recognition by award-giving bodies, especially after his debut cd where all his songs are simply amazing given the short amount of time it had to be produced. He is undoubtedly one of the best and outstanding discovered talents we have the fortune of experiencing in this generation!

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