David Archuleta reveals his second single

Monica from Latina Music Blog met up with David Archuleta recently in New York and although we have known for days that his second single was changed to “A Little Not Too Over You”, here is what she had to say:


For all you hardcore David Archuleta fans out there, here’s a quick scoop before Thanksgiving. I met up with David and his incredibly sweet mother, Lupe Archuleta, just yesterday–check out our matching scarf action in this photo!–and the pop star revealed that “Touch My Hand” will no longer be his next single, as many outlets have been reporting:

“They changed it. It’s gonna be “A Little Too Not Over You” now. That’s one I wrote with Robbie Neville, who wrote “One Step at a Time” for Jordin [Sparks], and Matthew Gerard, who wrote “Breakaway” for Kelly [Clarkson]…It was cool because it’s like, I can’t believe I’m working with these people. Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting their time because they’re working with some kid who came off of American Idol who laughs too much and stuff [laughs]. But it was cool, they were really great to work with and I learned a lot.”

Though I generally gravitate towards “Touch My Hand” when I listen to David’s album (it sounds vaguely Tears for Fears-esque to me, and I love that), I think this is a smart change of strategy. “A Little Too Not Over You” helps to validate him as a pop-R&B artist who sounds current (a la Chris Brown–speaking of which, can you believe how far David’s come since his awkward cover of “With You” on Idol?), and not just the adult contemporary favorite of grannies across the nation.

David also talked about what it was like to be in the company of so many A-list artists at the American Music Awards this past weekend:

“I felt like I wasn’t supposed to be there or something! I still feel like I need to prove myself, that I should be here among all the other artists and stuff. I was excited to see Pink, Leona Lewis, and Daughtry, and Chris Brown, and Annie Lennox, and Jordin–but I’m friends with Jordin! She’s awesome, I love her. She’s always giving me advice–she’s like, make sure you’re giving yourself some breathing time and taking care of your voice, and just remember to have a good time. Things like that…Jordin is like my big sister, and David Cook’s like my big brother.”

Aw. We hope David stays this humble forever.

What do you think, Chuleta fans…do you like “A Little Too Not Over You” better than “Touch My Hand”?

Special thanks to Monica for letting us know.


~ by fhrradio1 on November 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “David Archuleta reveals his second single”

  1. I like Touch My Hand, but A Little Too Not Over You is a nice song too.

  2. I definatly like “Touch My Hand” better, but “A Little Too Not Over You” is a great song too =)

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